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10 Spooky Things Auburn Students Should Dress Up as for Halloween

Finding a spooky Halloween costume can be challenging, but this article is here to help! Dress up as one of these 10 things to scare any of your Auburn friends more than any scary movie.

1. Adulthood


Everyone knows that college is the best four years of your life. What is more spooky than leaving it all behind? Dress up as the most put together adult you know and spook all of your senior friends.

2. "Funemployment"


There is one thing spookier than graduating- graduating without a job!

3. Student loan debt 

student loans

Student loan debt is one of the spookiest things facing college students today. Scare your friends this Halloween by dressing up as their overwhelming loan obligations!

4. Auburn's reputation as one of the "toughest schools to get an A"


Dress up as one of the most shared articles during finals week in Auburn to really spook your classmates. Check out the full list here.

5.  Out of TigerCard money

the office

One of the scariest times of the semester as an Auburn student is when you run out of TigerCard money. Send this link to your family to help keep this spooky problem away!

6. A terrifying, old Facebook post from high school

FB post

We have all been there. A friend of yours brings up a Facebook post you shared in 2010- it is a whirlwind of nostalgia and panic as soon as you receive the notification. Scare your friends this year by dressing up as one of their old posts. You can also beat them to the punch by wearing one of your own posts!

7. A phone with less than 5% battery

dead battery

Dress up as something that will strike fear into any student's heart- an almost dead phone.

8. Gus Malzahn’s play calling

sad gus

Dressing up as the most lovable coach in the SEC for Halloween is nothing new for Auburn students. However, dressing up as Gus' play calling is enough to scare the entire Auburn family this Halloween.

9. The last box of Chick-Fil-A chicken minis 

chicken minis

Nothing strikes fear into an Auburn student's heart like 10:30 in the Student Center Chick-Fil-A. Dress up as the last box of chicken minis to make your friend's heart skip a beat.

10. Sunday scaries

sunday scaries

The Sunday scaries are an epidemic far worse than the zombie apocalypse. Put on your favorite PJs and anxious demeanor for a costume, and you might just spook all of your friends out of their procrastination.

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