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10 Things You Miss About Auburn When You Leave

1. Being super close to everything.

Now, of course, you're not close to literally everything, but sometimes it does feel that way. Whether you're talking about campus, restaurants you go to with friends or your BFFs place, we certainly take being close for granted. Once you leave Auburn you will really start to realize how nice it was having everything so close.

2. Toomer's Ice Cream Sandwiches.

While Toomer's Drugs is typically known for their lemonade (which is also delicious), an insider secret is their ice cream sandwich. Whether you learned this tip from going to school at Auburn, or you are one of the lucky ones who discovered them on your own either way they are a must have. You get to pick your own blue bell ice cream flavor and they stick it between a fresh baked cookie. It’s practically heaven on a plate.

3. Tiger Card Money.

Tiger card money is one of those things that is meant for when you want to grab a quick bite on campus but it is actually used when your bank account is running low and so is your pantry. After you leave Auburn you no longer have that luxury. It looks like it’s finally time to learn about that budgeting thing your mom told you about years ago.

4. Aubie.

Aubie because who doesn’t love that guy. Running into him on campus is still like seeing a celebrity every time, even when you’re a senior.

5. Your Roommates.

Whether you have had a bad roommate experience or an amazing one, there is still something nice about not coming home to an empty apartment/house after a long day. Your roommates are always there to binge watch Netflix with, eat your meals with, and help you out when you’re stressed and need someone to clean the house. Appreciate your college roommates because you won’t have them forever.

6. Getting to see your friends nearly every day

After graduation, most of your friends will accept jobs in other cities than you. Maybe some will go where you are and maybe they won’t but either way, you will always have Auburn tying you together. It will be weird at first not seeing them every day but keep your head up because come football season you'll all hopefully return to the plains and what a reunion that'll be.

7. Almost always looking like you just rolled out of bed, and it being acceptable.

In college, it's common practice to see students who, quite frankly, didn't even look in the mirror before going to class. Honestly, in college sometimes you just have those days and no one is judging you. We've all been there. While personal hygiene and looking more put together is still encouraged, we understand sometime today is just not your day. Embrace this time in college because once you’re in the real world, people don’t wear pajamas to work, ever.

8. Saturday morning brunch.

Because after Friday nights, you’re mostly looking forward to Saturday brunch, or even Saturday and Sunday brunch.

9. Sharing things with your roommates

While not everyone is as into sharing as others, most people do share at least a couple things with their roommates simply because it’s easier than buying multiple of the same thing. Once you’re on your own, you have to buy one of everything and you’ll really miss sharing with your roommates.

10. Saturdays in Jordan-Hare Student Section

Yes, some memories of the student section at football games may be a nightmare due to over-seating, most of your memories are fond ones that you will cherish forever. There is something special about being surrounded by your fellow students and cheering on your school together. Especially when you get to roll Toomer’s Corner or storm Pat Dye Field after. 

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