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Using your privilege to help those in a place of lesser privilege is an act that can benefit more than those directly involved. 31 Bits has their hands in helping various communities in more than one way.

The non-profit organization takes the creativity and talent of displaced women in Uganda and brings it to the U.S. market to provide these beneficiaries with better business opportunities. The organization offers a chance for the women to "rise above poverty" via a product that breaches every college, culture, even country: jewelry. (Photo, left: Katarina Hong)

The organization has made its way to the Auburn family. Campus representative, Katarina Hong said the jewelry was love at first sight, and the organization wasn't far behind.

"It's just not another necklace or bracelet, it is a symbol of empowerment. 31 Bits products are not only beautiful, they are unique and hand-made from recycled paper."

The organization began after the five founders saw the remarkable skill and resourcefulness of the disadvantaged women in Uganda. The founders couldn't get enough of the jewelry the women were making. What inspired them to link the young women in Uganda with the young women in America was their shared love for these beautiful accessories.

Hong said, "The founders of 31 Bits created something beautiful to help people in Uganda and they started 

when they were in college. It amazed me to see how a trip to Uganda and making beads with the women turned into 31 Bits."

The five-year program gives its beneficiaries like Oyella Kevin, pictured right, a sustainable income and holistic education including counseling, health education, finance training, and business mentorships. (photo, right: 31 Bits)

The organization offers features recipes, wedding accessories, inspirational stories, updates and DIY projects on their website.

You can find 31 Bit's accessories here in Auburn at the Prevail Union, or online.

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