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Ladies and gentleman, the time has come. The brothers of Alpha Psi are once again hosting Auburn’s single largest fundraising event. Rodeo is THE party of the south. You have one week to prepare yourselves mentally and physically. Ready, Set, Go!

1. 6 a.m., it’s like Christmas morning!
2. Do I have enough red lipstick on?
3. Like what tattoos should I sharpie on my body?
4. Oh, I haven’t actually seen the rodeo yet.
5. Oh my gosh wait, let’s take a selfie!
6. Can you do full body? I need my boots in it.
7. Where can a girl get a hot dog around here?
8. Oh! Mechanical bull…wait I can’t do that (unless no pictures are taken)
9. I have dust in my eye!
10. I should probably put on sunscreen.
11. Glad I bought $5 knock off aviators.
12. How am I getting home?
13. When’s the band gonna start? Who’s playing again?
14. What trailer has the best view?
15. Ok, I have to see Becky, I told her I would meet up with her.
16. Oh my gosh I have no service!
17. That truck has chips…mine.
18. Let’s do a frat lap.
19. That grass looks pretty comfortable, just gonna take a nap.
20. Does anyone know what time it is?
21. Definitely have sun poisoning...
22. The bruises on my legs are becoming brutal.
23. I’m tired.
24. Thank you five hour energy!
25. Wait, this is my song, we have to stay!
26. Where’s the truck I came in?
27. It’s so dark.
28. There’s dirt where dirt shouldn’t be.
29. How do I get home?
30. Just leave the cooler…

Editor's Note:  "Rodeo" is a rather unique Auburn tradition for students.  It is not an official Auburn event, but it is produced by an Auburn fraternity.

Rodeo isn't exactly the image some people wish to associate with our school, but it exists - nonetheless.  Yes, it is a party.  Yes, for some reason - students use it to express their love of 'Old South' memorabilia (Confederate flags, etc.). Yes, it is an event where women wear what perhaps their grandmothers wouldn't choose as a wardrobe.  And did we mention the treatment of the animals?  Some feel Rodeo is not animal friendly.

On the other hand, it also raises a large sum of money for nonprofit charities.  That's not an excuse. It isn't a justification for the event ... just a reality.  It is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum.

This one link to the Facebook Social Search Graph will illustrate the number of Auburn students and alumni that "Like" the Alpha Psi Rodeo. (You must be logged into Facebook for that link to work.) So, in the interest of sharing a full picture of campus life ... here it is -- Rodeo.

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