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We love to say it. Auburn Family. It’s the name of this website; it’s what we talk about so much on The Plains.

It’s no secret that everyone who attends Auburn loves the campus and community, but some are fortunate enough to tie the knot at Auburn’s most recognizable spot: Samford Lawn.

Anna Kent, Catering Sales Manager at the Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center, is in charge of all aspects of the event when a couple chooses to get married at this iconic spot.

Since 2012, the Hotel at Auburn University has been creating, “An experience for our guests and not just an event. Getting married on Samford Lawn is a unique ‘Auburn’ experience. We are aware that not everyone is a die-hard Auburn fan, but there are those that cherish this location and it is a way to have Auburn University etched into their family’s story forever,” Kent said.

Understanding that this is such a special place for a many, the hotel strives to make it as easily available as possible.

When asked about a waitlist for the venue, Kent said, “We do not have a waiting list. We have the availability to have two wedding ceremonies per day,” adding, “Being able to accommodate two wedding ceremonies in a day really reduces the need for a waiting list.”

One of these lucky couples, Pam and James Hammond, met at Auburn after living in the same dorm freshman year and eventually began dating the following year after having a class together.

Hammond, who had not attended a wedding on Samford Lawn before choosing it as her venue, said, “Our love was sparked on Auburn’s campus, so we thought Samford Lawn would be the most fitting place to get married.” She added, “We had seen chairs set up on the lawn. It always looked very picturesque.”

Picturesque indeed, as photos of Samford Hall and Lawn are present in a great majority of publications by the University. (Photo, Facebook)

When asked if the phrase “Auburn Family”, something used so frequently by the University, has a different meaning for her now that she and her husband became a new family on Auburn’s campus, Hammond responded, “In some ways, yes. Auburn holds such a special place in our hearts, as the place we met and as our alma mater, that getting married in front of Samford Hall surrounded by our family and our friends (our Auburn family) only made it more special. I think it will be amazing to take our future children to Auburn and show them where we got married.”

To that, the Auburn Family says, “War Eagle.” 

(Photo: Little Acorn Photography)

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