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How One Fraternity Changed One Auburn Student’s Look on Life

Georgia native Robert Still is a junior at Auburn University pursuing a degree in accounting. He found himself becoming a brother of Beta Upsilon Chi not too long into his college career. Before he knew it, he became vice president and now serves to better this fraternity through his hard work.

Before BYX

Little did Still know, BYX was about to change his life the moment he thought about pledging. Still has always been the person who valued his beliefs, but prior to BYX, he didn’t quite understand why he believed what he believed.

“I didn’t investigate for myself, I hadn’t invested into myself, my understanding and my knowledge. I’ve just taken other people’s word for it.” Said Still.

At the beginning of his recruitment with BYX, he admitted to having conflicting views with what the typical points of faith are. With BYX being a Christian fraternity, the brothers talk a lot about their faith, beliefs, and ideals. Through conversations, Still felt convicted when being questioned about why he thought a certain way. Ultimately, this let Still find what he truly believed in for himself.

During BYX

“After researching and looking for my own understanding, I found who I am on a concrete basis of truth, rather than feelings and ideas – that’s the biggest way [BYX] has changed me; it’s changed a lot about how I am now. I spend a lot of my time reading, listening to podcasts and really investing into learning what I care about. That’s definitely been a benefit to me; making me a more complete person [and] a more fleshed out person,” Still said.

Throughout Still’s process of finding himself, it was not an easy route. Still was set in his ways and his beliefs for a long time, but BYX had changed that all for him. Regardless of the difficulty in changes, Still found it to be eye-opening and helping him change because he didn’t feel as if he knew who he was as a person, and he didn’t understand what he believed in.

Still was very involved in his church growing up, but he found difficulty in making friends. Coming to Auburn, he hoped for change in that aspect of his life. He sought for a community like the one he had back in high school and church. He also was looking for more authentic and dependable friendships. The search began with the browsing of different Christian fraternities that Auburn has.

Unfortunately, due to some extenuating circumstances, Still was not able to pledge BYX the first time. While that may have been discouraging for Still at the time, it did not stop him from trying it again.

After BYX 

“A lot of thought and prayer made me come to realize that BYX is where God wants me, and that’s how I found them, left and came back,” Still said.

Still now currently is vice president for BYX, which is the social face representative for the fraternity. This role has taught Still a lot, and it has helped improve his interactions with others.

“I have a hard time making friends, and it was difficult for me to interact with people – that’s been a big change for me. Now, I am able to break out of my shell, interact with people, talk to people and develop friendships.” Said Still.

Being part of BYX has taught Still a lot about life, friendship, and faith. He was able to overcome one of his biggest struggle of developing authentic, real friendships and personal interactions with others. Auburn is close to his heart, especially through the fruitful friendships he has made that has, in turned, made Still a better person. 

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