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5 Reasons to Discover Your Path at Auburn

There's more to Auburn than just school believe it or not. Auburn offers countless opportunities to discover your path at Auburn. With more than 500 ways to be involved on campus, there is something for everyone. Club sports, Greek organizations, religious and spiritual groups, service clubs, and special interests groups are just a short list of the effective ways to make the most of your four years at Auburn. Some might think involvement can be overwhelming or prevent academic success, but with strong time management skills, future employers will be impressed by the skills and experience gained from being involved. Discovering your path is a way to spend free time usefully and enhance your Auburn experience.

1. Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Helpful

The stress from studying constantly can begin to take a toll on your mental well being. Taking a break from staring at your computer screen is healthy to let your brain rest and retain the information it has processed. This will refresh your mind while you put energy into something else. Why not put effort into something you are interested in or care strongly about. Being involved can also help you physically. Intramural or club sports is a great avenue to stay in shape and to maintain your physical health. Physical health also has a direct link to your mental and emotional health. Being involved in something that you care deeply about or brings you enjoyment is emotionally helpful. After only being emotionally invested in your studies, you can easily become burned out and lose motivation to make it to finals week. Don't lose your endurance early on in the semester because you overwork yourself. Take care of your mind, body, and soul in school while enjoy doing something that is important to you. (Image above from

2. Learn Useful Skills

While studying and performing to your best potential in class might be the most important priority in college, college is also a time to begin learning skills that are essential in real life.

Being involved can teach you important skills that will set you a part when it comes time to apply for jobs. Time management, organization, communication, and professionalism are a few of the most important skills you can acquire while being involved.

While your grades will qualify you for a job, practical skills are as important to employers when considering candidates. Involvement is the perfect experience to begin working on acquiring skills that are necessary to balance real life and a job.

There is an organization for almost every career field allowing you valuable experience to exercise specific skills that will make you a competitive applicant. Involvement will prepare you for many avenues in the future especially life after college.

3. Best Way to Give Back

There are many reasons why Auburn University is the best college in thenation. Every student has their specific reason they chose to call Auburn home for four years. There is no other way to show your love for Auburn than by giving back to the campus and the community. There are councils for every college departments on campus that hold leadership positions to improve the relationships between students and faculty. There are service clubs that allow you to lend a hand to the community by volunteering at different organizations or assisting disabled and elderly community members. Being a part of the Auburn family is a feeling like no other, and delving into a campus group or organization will give you the full Auburn experience.

4. Networking

Auburn is the perfect place to begin building your network circle. Although the classroom is a great way to begin meeting people in your similar circle, it is rewarding to expand your network of people that are involved in various activities. It is a great way to begin meeting new people and starting important conversations that can equip you to work with people in the professional world. Networking is one of the most successful ways to develop relationships and learn about other opportunities to potentially aid in finding a job. In addition, networking is helpful in gaining references who can attest to your skill level and abilities. You will be surprised by the many people you will meet through different groups and organizations who can be beneficial to your success at Auburn and in the future.

5. Resume Booster

People will begin asking for a resume early on in college. It can be intimidating if you do not have one, however, it is easier to begin building one if you have plenty of items to list. One section employers look for on a resume is a list of involvement activities. They are interested in a well-rounded candidate who was more active in college than just school and an internship. A powerful list of involvement includes a variety of activities that display a person's interests and experiences related to the position for they are applying. Another reason an impressive resume is important is that it is usually the first impression an employer receives of the person. Finding ways to vamp up your resume can easily be attained through involvement on campus.

After considering this list of reasons to discover your path at Auburn it is motivating to begin looking for the right organization to join. Thankfully Auburn has a great resource to begin the search to find the right place for you. Visit AUInvolve to find out more ways to get involved at Auburn and join the Auburn Family in fulfilling your four years of college.

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