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Exercise, Athletics and Education: A Unique Degree that Combines All Three

There are dozens of majors at Auburn University. With 12 separate colleges and schools, including the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Harrison School of Pharmacy, it can be difficult for anyone to determine which major is the right one for them.

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Students who are strong in science and are interested in going into a medical-related field after graduation may want to check out the Department of Kinesiology. Kinesiology offers three undergraduate majors including exercise science, physical education teacher education and health promotion. They also offer two undergraduate minors in exercise science and sports coaching.

Taylor Lampertz, a senior in the exercise science program has a unique story as to how she ended up in exercise science and encourages students to consider a degree in exercise science.

“I switched to exercise science last August after being pre-vet for three years,” explained Lampertz. “I have a new interest in the program and I would like to pursue a career involving animals and exercise science.”

While this is an unusual potential career path for an exercise science major, it is a possibility. Most exercise science majors go on to be personal trainers, coaches, strength and conditioning specialists or fitness directors, however new research is being done every day involving the exercise and kinesiology field.

“My background is primarily with animals,” said Lampertz. “The cool thing is that this exercise science program incorporates a lot of different aspects of exercise, thermodynamics, biomechanics, exercise physiology and with this new program, I am hoping to combine my background with my degree.”

Lampertz is currently working with one of her professors, who works a lot with zoos on animal injury and prevention.

The department of Kinesiology has also just announced a new degree option, which will be available this January. The Fitness, Conditioning and Performance program was approved by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education in September and will be housed within the Kinesiology Department’s Physical Activity and Health program.

“The degree option was created to fill a void,” said Dr. Mary Rudsill, the head of the Department of Kinesiology. “We needed a program to serve students in this area.”

Students in this program will learn about injury prevention and performance optimization in athletic settings and everyday living, and is another example of how the Department of Kinesiology is catering to the needs of Auburn students, and how versatile kinesiology can be.

“Things are getting really competitive in the program,” said Lampertz. “It’s really important to be involved and to have experience in the field if you are interested in applying for this major.”

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