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Auburn student-athlete goes for the gold and a second degree

Some students finish their degree in four years, but few people complete their degree in three. Even fewer are student-athletes who finish in three years. But Auburn University gymnast Caryn Kadous did it. She completed her first degree in only three years and is already on her way to finishing a second.

Raised in San Antonio, Texas, Kadous came to Auburn in the fall of 2011 highly motivated. She was drawn to Auburn because of the high academic standards, the beautiful campus and the family atmosphere.

“Well a big part of my decision was the gymnastics program,” Kadous said. “But people really respect a degree from Auburn.”

In the spring 2014 semester, Kadous graduated with her first degree in exercise science. During this time she also competed for the third year on the women’s gymnastics team. She completed in all 12 meets on balance beam and a few times on the floor exercise.

“It’s a tie for my favorite event,” Kadous said. “I love floor, but I also love bars.”

While Kadous has achieved many triumphs in the gym, she also continues to excel in the classroom. She is a member of phi eta sigma, a national honor society, a member of chi alpha sigma a national collegiate athlete academic honor society and a three time scholastic all American. Eligibility requirements for a scholastic all American are student-athletes who maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher for the academic year. Kadous has held above a 3.5 her whole career at Auburn, even with difficult classes.

“Exercise science research was a really challenging class,” Kadous said. “Our teacher was tough on us all semester and I had to work outside of my comfort zone, but I learned more than I would have under another other professor.”

Kadous has four years of eligibility with her gymnastics scholarship, so after she finished her first degree in three years the next best option was to complete a second degree. She hopes to graduate with her second degree in fitness, conditioning and performance with a business minor after the summer 2015 semester. After her second graduation she still wants to continue learning.

“I want to go to PT school somewhere in Texas or Atlanta,” Kadous said. “But my dream job is to own my own bakery.”

There are many things that make being a student-athlete challenging. Kadous thinks one challenge is finding time in the day to get everything done. She runs from rehab at 6:30 a.m. to class from 8 a.m. to noon then hustles over to pre-practice rehab then practice from 1- 5p.m., but don’t forget dinner around 6:15 p.m. then studying until about 10 p.m., and finally getting home close to 10:30 p.m., and that is just a normal day. But she also finds other things difficult.

“Having to walk to class with ice bags on when it’s freezing cold outside is awful,” Kadous said. “It’s worst when its windy and I can’t wear a sweatshirt because the ice won’t fit underneath it, and it chills me to the core and I think I’ll never feel warmth again.”

Fans can see Kadous and the other Auburn gymnasts at the Auburn Arena beginning in January at the Auburn Arena.

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