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Auburn Gymnastics Halloween Intra-Squad was Spook-tacular!

The Auburn Gymnastics team is flipping to new heights this year after giving a great showing at its annual Vampires vs. Werewolf’s Halloween intra-squad. The werewolf’s ended up beating the vampires, but only by a measly one point.

“We weren’t really scoring the girls like normal,” head gymnastics coach Jeff Graba said. “We were trying to see how the girls would do under pressure so we could develop depth this year.”

The girls all proved they had what it takes to preform when it counts. The werewolf’s team was comprised of MJ Rott, sophomore; Sarah Garcia, freshmen; Brittany Webster, senior; Blake Jones, freshmen; Brianna Guy, senior; Kullen Hlawek, sophomore; Cara Strickland, freshmen; Megan Walker, senior; Lucia Scaglione, sophomore. Since they won the meet, they get rewarded with one turn off of their conditioning circuit.

“The vampires still performed well,” Graba said. “They had less routines, but the same amount of mistakes as the werewolf’s who had more routines.”

The vampires didn’t back down after a mistake on the balance beam, however. The vampire’s team was freshmen Abby Milliet, senior Caryn Kadous and juniors Lexus Demers, Kait Kluz, Kelsey Kopec and Caitlin Atkinson.

“Over all the intra-squad went really well and we accomplished what we were trying to accomplish,” Graba said. “The staff was more focused on how to manage different people on the team since we have so many new faces this year.”

The girls all had a good take away from the intra-squad. From freshmen to seniors everyone is excited to see how this year will go and watching all their hard work pay off. Many were impressed to see senior Brianna Guy competing without missing a beat on two events.

“Bri was a stand out in my mind,” senior Megan Walker said. “She looks like she hasn’t missed anytime and I can’t wait to see here on the other two events.”

The day before the intra-squad the girls competed against each other in a different way. They had a costume contest to see which class would get the grand prize of a day off of Wednesday morning conditioning. The juniors and seniors were in a heated battle and it came down to the last 15 minutes of voting to decide the winner. In the end, the seniors came out with the win.

“I liked all the costumes, but I would have been really surprised if the seniors didn’t win,” Graba said. “It was the most creative costume we’ve seen since I got here.”

From costume contests to intra-squads, the 2014-2015 Auburn women’s gymnastics team is looking good this year. You can see the tigers compete at the Auburn Arena beginning Monday, Dec. 1 at their annual preview meet. 

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