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5 assumptions that incoming freshman have about college

High school students have their own, preconceived perception of how awesome the college life will be. Most don't realize the stress, the all-nighters and just the daily grind that you are about to encounter. It's not the glamorous, free living lifestyle many believe. Here are five popular assumptions high school students have about the college.

1. You party every night.

WRONG. Granted, you will have the opportunity to party every night, but if you intend on having a successful college career, you won't. And if you try, you'll find yourself on academic probation after your first semester or worse, back home with your parents. Just go ahead and get it in your mind that you won't attend every big band party, rave or 21st birthday party. There will always be another social event coming up so don't think it's the end of the world if you miss out.

2. You find your spouse college

It is a common assumption that you find your spouse at college. Now some people do and have an happily ever after life. Here's the normal scenario. It's your freshmen year and you are overwhelmed with all the girls/boys to choose from. Some date the first girl/guy they have a connection with and some enjoy just playing the field. If you choose to date right away, that'll probably end before or during your sophmore year. Playing the field leads to lots of fun and freedom, so it takes a year or tow to settle down. By the time you do decide to settle down, you've burned all your bridges from the good girls/guys that you toyed. You could also be annoyed from not having the freedom you are accustomed too. Ether way, you enter your senior year and you feel like you only have a year to find your spouse. Not true. You just need to be focused on graduating and getting a job. Once that happens you enter a new market and get a fresh start.

3. The dorm life has to be better than living at home.

Most freshman are either forced by their school or parents to live in a dorm their first year of college. Unless you go to a big D-1 college and are lucky enough to get into the athletic dorm, you are looking at a 10-by-10 cinder block room. You'll probably sleep in a twin bed and no matter how many decorations, it's still a dorm. Did I mention the random roommate you have to live with? (Plus every other loud person on your hall). Hopefully y'all can make it work, but if not, look forward to a long year. Next, your mother won't be there to cook for you and most dorms aren't equipped with a full kitchen. Get ready for microwaved meals and instant roman noodles. Also, most dorms have public bathrooms, so make sure you buy a good pair of water shoes to wear when you decide to step into your hall's bathroom. Now you will make great, hilarious memories that'll last a lifetime, but it will also make you realize that living with your parents wasn't all that bad.

4. You'll make thousands of new friends.

The truth is, you'll make thousands of new acquaintances. Your social media accounts will show you've added hundreds and maybe thousands of new "friends." In reality though, you won't maintain these friendships throughout college or after graduation. You'll meet more people than you can remember, you'll find your clique and relatively stay in those boundaries. Your friends might change each year, which is normal, but you'll leave college with maybe 40 solid friends that you'll keep in touch with.

5. You have plenty of time to pick out a major.

It's perfectly fine to start college and not have a clue what you want to major in. Most people switch majors at least once, if not two or three times. It is in you and your checkbook's best interest to pick one as soon as possible. You don't want to waste your time and money on classes you don't need. Switching or deciding on a major your sophomore year almost guarantees a 5th year of college. Nothing wrong with a victory lap, but it will cost you unnecessary money. Don't listen to the people who say you have plenty of time to decide because in essence, you don't. 

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