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As exam week quickly approaches at Auburn University, the stress of school starts to build up. This is the time that students begin to lock themselves up and get down to the dirty business of cramming all the information they forgot to learn throughout the semester. Exam week can be very stressful, but there are some ways to relieve that stress to make studying a little more enjoyable. 

The best way to do this is by finding the perfect place to study that has a relaxing environment and a great view. Below is a list of the 5 best places to study for exams.

  1. The third floor of the Auburn Student Center: This floor is a great place to study because it has plenty of lounging areas, has great lighting and the atmosphere is generally quiet. Another great aspect of this floor is its location. It is right in the middle of campus so you have easy access to food and the other resources you may need. If you like studying outside this floor also has a patio that overlooks Jordan-Hare Stadium.
  2. The Overall Company: This coffee shop is a great place to study because of its relaxing atmosphere and soothing music. They even have an upstairs area that is set up specially for studying. They also have beautiful artwork which is enjoyable to look at when you need a study break. Also, they have coffee (obviously) which is a definite essential when it comes to studying for exams.
  3. The Auburn Public Library: The public library is the best kept secret when it comes to studying for exams. The campus library, Ralph Brown Draughon, is always insanely crowded during exam week which can make studying hard. In comparison, the public library is a better place to study for exams because it is quieter, has natural lighting and has convenient parking.
  4. Apartment Lounges: Apartment complexes, such as, 221 Armstrong, The Grove and Creekside have great lounge areas that are set up for studying. They are decorated nicely and are generally quiet. During exam week some apartment complexes even put out snacks to make studying a little bit easier.
  5. Chewacla State Park: If you love studying outdoors then Chewacla is a great place to study because it’s so big which allows you to find a quiet place to study very easily. It also has a great variety of different places to study, such as, next to waterfalls, lakes, streams or even just being alone in the woods with your Eno and your study essentials.

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