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All college students can relate to the exciting and sometimes terrifying transition from high school to college, but only Auburn University students understand the impact a community can have on their college experience.

Although we come from different backgrounds, we have all fallen in love with the same place—a place that has taught us how to become adults, be a family, be responsible, make friends, love, and have the time of our lives.

As I and many others approach graduation, I am reminded of the hundreds of reasons to be thankful that Auburn University has stolen my heart and will always be my home, but here is a list of five:

1. Because of the person Auburn has helped me become.

Everyone says that college is the place where you get the opportunity to shed your old identity, start fresh and be who you want to be. This is true, but not every university helps you through the process as gracefully as Auburn.

The Auburn Creed has served as a guideline to help students through the process of finding their identity for many years, and it has helped me. It outlines the values that Auburn students believe in: hard work, education, honesty, sportsmanship, obedience to the law, human touch, and faith in country and God. This creed reflects what I believe and what I want to continue to believe after my time at Auburn is up.

2. Because of the lessons I have learned about community and family.

The phrase, “Auburn Family,” is not unusual to hear on and off the plains. No matter what type of life students come from, Auburn University teaches the meaning of family.  The close-knit community, known for its friendliness, truly bleeds orange and blue. Whether it is at an athletic event, a celebration of success or a tragedy, members of the Auburn Family stick together.

 3. Because of the people.  

The best part of college is making memories, and the people at Auburn make those memories better. Auburn offers numerous involvement opportunities that range from religious groups and service organizations to hobby and academic clubs. When I say there is place for everyone, there truly is. Looking back at the friendships and memories I’ve made in the past four years make me extremely thankful I chose to attend Auburn and get involved the way I did. I have had the opportunity to learn what true friendship is and that will last me a lifetime.

 4. Because of the way of life

Coming to a new city and starting college can be scary, but not at Auburn. The small Alabama city wouldn’t be much without the university, but that is part of its charm. Although the university is sometimes made fun of for being a “cow college,” I quite enjoy the slowness and simplicity of life in Auburn. You never meet a stranger, and it is impossible to walk around campus and not see a friendly face. The best part is that you are never too far away from the big city. Trips to Atlanta or Birmingham always make for good stories, not to mention trips to the lake or the beach on a long weekend. The way of life in Auburn is what you make it, it’s not for everyone, but it is for me.

5. Because Auburn becomes home.

In four short years, a place that was once so unfamiliar can become one that holds some of your fondest memories. Auburn University has a long-standing history of tradition and that tradition becomes your own when you choose to fall in love with the university, the people and the life that you build here. Thinking about leaving makes me sad, but being able to say that Auburn played a vital role in shaping me into who I am today makes me proud to be an Auburn Tiger.

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