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5 Reasons Why Students Should Be Excited for the Mell Classroom Building

The construction on our beloved Ralph Brown Draughon Library, RBD for short, is near the finish line, and the signs for “look for RBD under the big red crane” will soon be history. Students have been studying around construction since the beginning of spring semester 2016, and finally this fall 2017, current and incoming students will utilize the new resources this building addition will offer. (Photo, left, courtesy: Auburn University)

Here are five reasons why students and future students should be excited for the Mell Classroom Building.


Food is a priority for a college student.

"There will be a Panera Bread as well as places for food trucks," said Jacqueline Keck, SGA President of Auburn University.

Panera Break will include a walk-up window, which will allow students to order quickly in order to immediately go to class or study for tests.

 2.New Plaza

Auburn University Board of Trustees recently approved the Mell Corridor project, which will be a vehicle-free pedestrian corridor or concourse. The corridor will be in front of the new building to provide for safe and efficient walking and biking for pedestrians and cyclists. The corridor will be completed by the opening of the Mell Classroom Building. Along with the corridor, a plaza will also be built in front of the building to encourage students and faculty to utilize the outdoor space by walking, socializing or eating outside. This project will start next month and is expected to be finished by December 2017, four months after the new building opens. (Photo, right, courtesy: Auburn University)

 3. Study Space

Another priority of students is studying, or at least should be. The building will provide more study areas for students seeking another place instead of their dorm, apartment or house. The top floor contains classrooms quiet study areas for all students. At night, all classrooms convert into study spaces. These new areas will be especially helpful during finals week when seemingly everyone on campus is studying at the same time. 

4. Original Facade

For students who would miss the old front of the library, there is no need to worry. The original façade can still be seen as soon as you walk in the new addition of the building as if nothing has changed. (Photo, left, courtesy: Auburn University) 

 5. Interactive Learning 

The new building houses 29 classrooms, 50 group study areas and two lecture halls.

"The new classrooms are designed for interactive learning," said Keck.

This new classroom method is called Engaged Active Student Learning (EASL), which is the newest style of learning and teaching. Instead of a typical lecture, professors and students will be able to move desks around and use various digital monitors to engage with peers and professors. Click here to get a tour of the building.


Overall, this building will be a benefit to the university and the students. You can watch a live stream video of the construction, but it may be more interesting to watch the time lapse of the construction. To watch both, click here.


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