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5 Things Students Can do at Auburn over summer break

Finals are just around the corner, and then it is the start of summer break for Auburn students. While the majority of students will be going back home, some will decide to stay back and spend some of their time here at Auburn. The small town atmosphere quickly changes after school ends. One might ask what they should do while staying in Auburn without wasting their precious summer break time. Here is a guide to those who look forward to spending their time at Auburn over the summer:

1. Sign up for summer classes
This might be the last thing you want to do. However, if you would want to be ahead of your class and not have to worry about getting into a particular class, then registering to take summer classes will do. Not only will you have to take fewer courses for the following semester but also you are one step closer to graduating. 

2. Hike at Chewacla State Park

The weather is becoming clearer and more beautiful to have an excuse to be outside. Hiking is one of the ways you can get fit and have fun. You can meet new people and discover Auburn’s beauty through nature.

3. Rent a bike through the Bicycle Sharing Program by Parking Services.
Another way to get fit and enjoy Auburn scenery is to ride a bike or just rent a bike from the Parking Services. There are over 75 Auburn-themed bicycles distributed around campus and the first two hours are free for the day. Invite a friend and start riding your bike while few people are on campus.

4. Explore Auburn local businesses  During the school year, most students are too busy to discover local businesses that are around Auburn. Stores like MusicTown Records is a great place to explore what the business has to offer, and you can benefit from their business.

5. Volunteer at the Humane Society
Who doesn’t like to play with furry friends like cats and dogs? Check out the local Humane Society where you can help foster or volunteer to take care the dogs and cats that are up for adoption. This can be a good volunteer experience to add to your resume.

Auburn has so much to offer already, all you got to do is go out and explore!

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