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Christmas break is just around the corner, and this year, students will have four and a half weeks off of classes to relax, vacation and spend time with their family. If you are wondering what to do with all of this free time, don’t worry any longer! Here are five things to do over Christmas break:

1. Go on a tropical vacation

Even though we’re in the south, it still can get cold during the winter months! Especially for an area that starts adding on layers once the temperature drops below 70 degrees. To get away from the miserable cold, many students opt to go somewhere tropical and warm on Christmas break.

“My parents hate the cold weather, so every year on Christmas break we will go on a vacation somewhere warm like Mexico. It’s a tradition I absolutely love! Not only is it a great chance to spend time with my family and have a wonderful vacation, but it gives us a break from the cold weather for a while,” said Sarah Hutto, a senior studying exercise science.

2. Take a skiing trip

While some try to get away from the cold, others embrace it fully! In fact, they don’t think it gets cold enough in Auburn, which is why some students choose to go on skiing trips over Christmas break. Whether you actually enjoy skiing, or just playing in the snow, it’s a perfect chance to do something different over the break.

3. Visit a friend's home

In college, students make friends from all over the United States. It's common that some people will visit a friend’s hometown over the break to see a part of the country they’ve never been to before. It’s a perfect way to learn more about our country and friends, all while avoiding the separation anxiety felt when you're away from your college friends for more than 48 hours.

“I really enjoy going home with friends because I think you learn a lot about someone by seeing where they grew up and the dynamics of their families,” said Mary Kate Myrick, a freshman at Auburn University.

4. Travel to the Beach

The beach may not be too far away from Auburn, and it may not be too much warmer, but it’s still a fun place to be over the break. Whether it’s for shopping before Christmas, or to bring in the new year, trips to the beach are something all students love to take! Plus, everyone knows the pure, white sand is just

the South’s version of snow!

“Every year my family rents a house in Destin and spends the week after Christmas there. We love playing in the sand, shopping and bringing in the new year on the harbor. It’s one of my favorite traditions we have,” said junior, Brett Andrew.

5. Go Home

While away at college, student’s lives are filled with football, friends and late nights in the library. With such a busy schedule, the family tends to fall on the back-burner, especially if they live far away. Christmas break is the perfect chance to make up for that lost time! Since finals are done with and the semester has come to an end, it is a great opportunity to relax at home and spend time with family. So if you don’t feel like going on vacation, there’s nothing wrong with going home and spending some quality time with mom and dad. Not to mention, you will get home cooked meals and laundry done for free. When you think about it, this may be the best option on the list!

Whether you hit the slopes, lay on the beach or just relax at home, remember that Christmas break is just that, a break. So relax, recuperate from the past semester and don’t forget to spend plenty of time with loved ones. But, don’t get too used to it, we’ll see you back on The Plains Jan. 13!


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