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5 Things You Didn't Know About The Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center

The Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center is one of Auburn's newest and best additions to campus. The Auburn Rec features the largest indoor track at any college, a state of the art weight lifting facility and much more. The thing is, most people do not know the other incredible opportunities that the Auburn Rec. offers. The following seven examples may surprise you and give you a renewed interest in the rec.

1. The Auburn Rec. offers Lifeguard training

Alabama's heat leads to lots of days by the pool and where there are pools there must also be a lifeguard. Auburn decided that it would be beneficial to its students to offer a lifeguard class not only to educate but to give students the opportunity to get a good job during the summer. Students can complete this class anytime throughout the year and in addition do a CPR class for around $200 for both certifications. After that, if you happen to work at the Auburn pool, every time you are required to be re-certified (which is every two years), it is only $30!

2. The Auburn Rec. has a 45 person hot tub

For hot tub lovers out there look no further than Auburn’s rec center pools. This 45-person hot tub will blow your mind. Now not only can you can avoid the awkward foot touch with the person across from you, but you can just have your friends in one section of it. When designing the new Rec. center I believe the motto was truly “go big or go home.”

3. The Auburn Rec. Class Pass

Are you the type of person who does hate how crowded the workout gym can be? For people like this, the Rec. offers a pass, which is a $100 and allow you to participate in any class for three semesters!  There are over 120 classes to choose from. There are cycling classes, yoga, weight lifting and so much more. So if you are tired of either working out by yourself or just need a motivated teacher then try out the class pass!

4. The Auburn Rec. PGA Golf Simulator 

For all of you that love golf, this is for you. Winter stinks because you are unable to practice and play the sport you love, but the Rec. has a solution. The PGA golf simulator features any and every course you want to play on. From the Augusta to Torrey Pines, you have your choice of any of the elite courses. For two hours of golf, it is only $8 per person and you can play with up to four people.

5. The Rec. offers Free Tools to Fix Your Bike

If your bike is not working properly then the Auburn Rec. is a place you should check out before taking it to a repair shop. The Rec. offers free tools and if need parts that you can purchase so that you can repair your bike quickly and be back on the road. They also have free seminars on how to do repairs to your bike and if your bike is in and enough shape you can rent one of theirs.

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