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Are you worried about coming to college and gaining the freshman fifteen? Have no fear, your guide to staying healthy is here!

1. Exercise.

Exercising is the best way to maintain or lose weight. There are multiple places on campus to get your workout in. The Recreation and Wellness Center is a prime facility with clean equipment and a state of the art track. It also offers group fitness classes such as kickboxing and spin classes. If you live near the Quad or the Hill, go for a run around the Hill. The run is about a mile if you run around twice. The Coliseum is another great place to run around the top ring or run stadium stairs at. There is also an outdoor track and field right next to the Coliseum where students play soccer. Lastly, Auburn has tennis courts next to the kinesiology building where students can play any time of day. Don’t have a racquet? No problem! The Recreation and Wellness Center has tennis racquets you can rent for free.

2. Choose Healthy Restaurants

If you live on campus, find the healthier restaurants such as Plains to Plate or the Wellness Kitchen. If you live off campus, cook for yourself. It will save you a lot of money and you will feel so much better about yourself. I have found a lot of easy recipes that are healthy and some that are dorm-friendly on the Tasty app. Another tip: don’t eat two dinners! That was such a temptation for me freshman year. I would stay up late studying then order a pizza just because I needed a midnight snack and needed to stress eat.

3. Walk. Don't Ride.

Ditch the transit and walk to class. My freshman year I lived in the Quad and I parked my car in Resident Overflow parking which was about a mile from my dorm. When I needed to leave campus and run errands I would walk to my car. If you live off campus, walk to class. That alone will make a huge difference.

4. Seek Reinforcement.

Find a friend that can keep you accountable. Dieting and exercising with a buddy makes it so much more fun and doable. If you ever start to get lazy, find that friend that will push you to get out of bed and go break a sweat! It is also fun to cook and meal-prep with friends.

5. Water Rules.

Choose water over soft drinks or juice. Drinking water has so many benefits. It promotes healthy skin, flushes toxins, increases energy, boosts your immune system, prevents cramps and promotes weight loss. Studies show you should drink at least eight bottles of water a day. Drinking water over other drinks also makes you feel more hydrated and overall healthier.

Follow these steps and you will definitely avoid the freshman fifteen!

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