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5 ways to keep a healthy relationship with your roommate.

Students often go through numerous roommates and living arrangements throughout their college career. Some move around due to the financial benefit from living somewhere else, were others move because they can't stand whom they are living with. Sustaining a living relationship with your roommate is much like sustaining a relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It take's everyone living together to pitch in and do their part. Here are five ways to maintain a healthy relationship with your roommate(s).

1. Keep the living room clean

This is where everyone spends the majority of the time in the house. Therefore, this particular space tends to get cluttered the most from backpacks, to clothes, to empty beer bottles, ect. There is nothing more annoying than kicking over a full drink that someone left on the ground. Pick up after yourself. You are not living with your mother anymore so you have to do it yourself. If each person living in the house picks up after themselves you will find that each space remains clutter-less and keeps you from arguing over something stupid.

2. Clean your dishes

No one wants to see dishes in the sink for more than a week. It's disgusting and makes your kitchen smell. If you dirty the dishes, it is your responsibility to clean them. Not your roommates, but yours, This is one of the most popular argument starters between roommates. There is no excuse for leaving dishes unwashed for more than two days and you have all the right to be yelled at. This is easily avoided by cleaning the dishes as soon as your done with them. It doesn't take long, so don't be lazy and clean them.

3. Only eat YOUR food.

There is nothing worse  than coming in from a long day of class and your mouth starts watering when you remember that you have left over pizza from the night before. Only to realize once you open the refrigerator that it's gone. At that moment your ready to decapitate your roommate. Stealing a snack here and there are just the perks of living with someone, but stealing their food is a big no no. Good meals are rare to come by in college and you treat leftovers like a precious commodity. 

4. Respect your roommates privacy

Just because your roommate isn't home doesn't give you free access to their room and things. Yes your roommate might have the newest NCAA, but they are not going to be happy when they get home and turn on their console and find that it's not there. That tells them that you have been through their room while they were gone and decreases their trust in you. Not that your stealing from them, but it's just the honor code you both agree to when you move in together. 

5 Don't throw a party when someones trying to study.

You and your roommates test schedule will never be the same. Just because you have nothing going on that week doesn't mean your roommate isn't going through a hell week. Don't be the roommate who invites all your friends over when your roommate is trying to study. Unless you live in a two-story house, there's no way you can study while there is a party going on. Either you get mad and leave, or say screw it and start partying yourself. Either way you wont get the most out of your studying and can lead to more arguments. Always be considerate of your roommates schedule and that will lead to less problems.

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