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6 Celebrities That Were Enrolled at Auburn University

Before these six Auburn celebrities became the well-known celebrities that they are today, they attended Auburn University at some point during their education. It is no wonder that Auburn University is a special place, and these celebrities knew that too.

Lionel Richie

After graduating from Tuskegee University, Lionel Richie chose to attend Auburn University for a period of time. Growing up in Tuskegee, Alabama, Richie was not far from Auburn’s campus, so it’s no wonder he wanted to pursue his education here. Photo via

Tim Cook
Before becoming the CEO of Apple in 2011, Tim Cook was getting his education from Auburn. Cook is from Robertsdale, Alabama, and decided to earn his BA in Industrial Engineering from Auburn. He graduated in 1982 and is still an avid Auburn Tigers fan. Cook can be seen in advertisements supporting Auburn’s football team to this day. Photo via Encyclopedia of Alabama

Cam Newton
Cam Newton led the Auburn Tigers to the 2010 National Championship title before he went on the play NFL football for the Carolina Panthers. Newton is loved around Auburn’s campus and came back to graduate from Auburn after he was finished playing football at Auburn. There is a statue of Newton outside of Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Jimmy Buffett
The famous singer and guitar player attended Auburn University for his first year of college. He was in Sigma Pi fraternity, and it is said that he learned to play guitar at Auburn. Jimmy Buffett went on to graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1969, but it is said that Buffett failed out of Auburn because he “was unable to balance his newfound interests in music and girls with his college classes and failed out of Auburn in April 1966,” according to Photo via Southern Living

Octavia Spencer
Now an award-winning actress, Octavia Spencer’s roots are in Alabama. Raised in Montgomery, Alabama, Spencer chose to attend Auburn University. She graduated in 1994 after studying English and Theater Arts. Spencer loves Auburn University and often talks about her Alma Mater in various interviews. Spencer is best known for her roles in The Help and Hidden Figures. Photo via List Challenges

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley is a famous basketball and football player, and he was at the start of his sports career at Auburn. Barkley played basketball at Auburn for three years before being drafted into the NBA. Charles Barkley is a huge Auburn fan and is active with the University often. Auburn just recently put up a statue to honor him.

I hope you were able to learn about an Auburn University attendee that you did not know about before. War Eagle!

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