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The Auburn student body elected a new Student Government Association president on Feb. 9, 2017. This new president, Jacqueline Keck, marked only the third woman to serve as SGA president in 125 years of Auburn women.  She joins the ranks of Cindy Holland, the first woman SGA president elected in 1988, and Hayes Smit who was elected in 2008.

Number 2

In 2017, Auburn University Panhellenic  received its first National Panhellenic Conference, College Panhellenic Excellence Award, the highest award that a college Panhellenic system can win from the conference. Auburn University was one of 20 Panhellenic systems out of over 600 that received this high honor. 

Number 3

Governor Kay Ivey, an Auburn alumna, was elected Governor of Alabama in April 2017. She was the first Republican woman elected statewide in Alabama. Ivey became Alabama’s second female governor and first female Republican governor. Ivey also served in the Student Government Association during her time at Auburn.

Number 4

Changes made to Miss Auburn  this year reflect positive steps for Auburn women. This year, instead of running on philanthropic  campaign platforms, Miss Auburn candidates will run  on platforms centered around their favorite lines of the  Auburn Creed.  This change was designed to allow Miss Auburn to represent the University as a whole, instead of a select few.

Number 5

In 2015, SGA President  Logan Powell recognized the need for Auburn women to have a class ring  of their own.  Since Spring 2015, Auburn women have had the opportunity to purchase an all-new class ring. This new ring features the historic Auburn University seal mounted atop the band of the ring.

Number 6

Auburn University plans to create a tangible commemoration of Auburn’s 125 Years of Women celebration by creating an outdoor classroom, Theatre III, in honor of the first three women to attend Auburn. Donors   will have the chance to engrave the name of an Auburn woman on a brick that will make up this building. This monument will ensure that Auburn women are recognized for years to come. 

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