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As a transfer student, there’s a good chance you’ll be living off campus so here are a few tips that may help when getting back and forth to class.

1. There is free parking at the Church of Christ on the (EAST) side of campus. Just be prepared to walk for days…

2. If you’re going to ride the transit to class then you better leave at least 45 minutes early, and if the air conditioning is on, do not sit anywhere on the front row. You will freeze!

3. If you have a long walk to the transit from your house, drive to the bus stop, and leave your car. You’ll be glad you did when you get back and you’re worn out- especially if it’s really hot, cold or raining outside.

4. Since you’re a transfer student, you’re probably over the whole freshmen 15 stage and may want to take better care of yourself. So if you enjoy working out, take advantage of the country’s nicest recreation center that’s right at your fingertips. Only for the first couple weeks of school, semester passes are HALF OFF, so only $25!

...A few things relating to that thing called school...
5. You actually can get a lot more school work done when listening to classical music. I know, you probably think that sounds dumb but just try it!

6. When the semester starts to come to an end and everyone is skipping on Friday…go to class! The teacher WILL give a quiz that day- you'll walk away so glad you did. It’s only for 50 minutes anyway

7. When working on a really big project, use at least TWO flash drives so nothing can happen to it.

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Comment by Chelsea Roadman on April 30, 2014 at 4:18pm

Number 7...YES! Haha, from another transfer student...I love this! Wish I'd read it sooner! ;)

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