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8 Ways You Know You're an Out-Of-State Auburn Student

1. You can't go home this weekend. 

 Because home is many hours and miles away. 

2. Your friends don't road trip to come see you. 


This never happens.

3. You didn't hate the University of Alabama before you came to Auburn. 


Of course, you were quick to convert. 

4. You celebrated being able to buy cigarettes two years in a row (not that you would ever buy cigarettes. That's gross).


Once when you turned 18 in your home state and once when you turned 19 in Alabama. 

5. You aren't familiar with each neighborhood in Birmingham. 


Mountain Brook and Oak Mountain...same place, right?

6. You've celebrated Easter in your dorm room. 


And it was fun. Can't you tell? 

7. You keep waiting for the day you'll need to wear your heavy coat.



We can pretend you need it. And you will look fabulous.

8. When you do go home, you're the most popular person in town. 



That's right. That's all for you. Because all of your high school friends went to the same college, so they see each other on the reg.

One student, Jen Worth of Tampa, Fla., gives her opinion on life as an out-of-state student. 

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