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80 Days Away: Auburn University Dance Marathon

Auburn University’s Dance Marathon is in its second year of raising money for Columbus Regional Medical Center in Columbus Georgia. Last February, the dance marathon raised $65,995.95 to forever change the lives of the “miracle children” tied with Children’s Miracle Network. Auburn is now in second place for the most money raised at a first year dance marathon.

Casey Stein, the president of AUDM, remembers last February when they revealed the total amount of money raised, “I fell to the ground and immediately starting crying... I knew Auburn could do big things, but this was huge.”  Stein brought the idea of this first year program to Auburn from her well established dance marathon at Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana.

Dance Marathon has grown immensely since last year; now there are 111 people on staff working hard all year long to fundraise and plan an equally successful event as last spring. 

What people may not know is that Dance Marathon is not a Marathon of Dancing, but rather a 12 hour event  where “dancers” stand for the entire time  playing goofy games, meeting and greeting with the miracle children, and waiting for the grand finale to see how much money was raised for Children’s Miracle Network.

The main theme of dance marathon is “FTK” or for the kids. Everything that is planned throughout the year and the day of the event all ties back to these children. Stein remarks, “It’s a day for the kids to hang out with passionate college students and to forget that they are sick...they really are like any healthy kid and they wish to be treated that way.”  

This is an event like any other, and it is currently Auburn’s largest on campus philanthropic event.  If you or anyone you know is interested in registering and becoming a dancer with AUDM, go to and register today. The event this spring will be on February 2 in the student center ballroom 10am-10pm. Stand for those who can’t.

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