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Getting a job while being a full time student is a decision student’s face every semester at college. They ask themselves whether or not they can balance each. Some students can’t but many can.

As students, we are faced with many daily stresses aside from school. College is a time to build relationships and find out about you. Imagine working a job, having three tests in a week and trying to maintain a social life. It’s close to impossible.

Becky Bathrick, a senior at Auburn University and a server at a popular restaurant in town described her difficulties with having a job, going to school, and maintaining a relationship. “The best advice I can give is time management, as a student you have deadlines, as an employee you have responsibilities, and if you get into a relationship that’s even more to worry about.”

Jobs found on campus are usually the most flexible with a student’s schedule. The books store, different colleges and their departments, as well as some dining options around campus all hire students. They are very limited unfortunately.

Auburn is a town, centered around the university that has many job opportunities for students who really want and need them. Restaurants of every type of food you can think of are available. A small mall and other retail stores are also in the city and depend on students to seek employment opportunities. “My employer was very flexible when it came to making my schedule," Bathrick said.

Having a job gives students a sense of accomplishment. “Knowing that I am working for everything feels good. I feel as if I am going the extra mile, and doing what many other students don’t or can’t do,” Bathrick said.

Having a job can give you some extra money to spend of social activities. “I love being able to go out with my friends, and have the money to go out to dinner occasionally,” said Bathrick. Auburn is full of places to keep a student busy and entertained.

Bathrick is also a member of the National Guard and ROTC program like many other students here. Every Month she goes to drill, a weekend of work at her unit near Birmingham. “It’s just another thing to balance in my hectic life,” Bathrick Said.

Hard work truly does pay off. Bathrick has a 3.5 grade point average, leadership skills to last her a lifetime, and true work ethic.

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