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A Bucket List for Graduating Auburn Students

With graduation around the corner, many students are becoming nostalgic and want to take in as much of Auburn as they can before it’s time to leave. Auburn’s culture, traditions, community and family atmosphere is definitely one of a kind and something truly special. So for those of you finishing up your senior year and need to experience all that is War Eagle nation one last time, here are a couple of things to do before turning the tassel.

1. Drink Toomer’s Lemonade

Toomer’s Drugs has been an Auburn landmark since 1896, and its lemonade is described by many as a little taste of Heaven. “Toomer’s lemonade is one of my favorite things about Auburn. There’s nothing better than standing on Toomer’s Corner with a lemonade and just taking in Auburn’s beauty,” said senior Auburn student Claire Fisher.

2. Picnic at Samford

Samford Hall is an icon of Auburn University, and its beautiful lawn scattered with trees is the perfect place to picnic. Before graduation grab a couple of your closest friends, pack a lunch, lay a blanket down and enjoy one of Auburn’s most historical buildings.

3. Explore Chewacla

Grab your ENO hammock and hiking shoes and set out to explore one of Auburn’s most stunning state parks. From its breathtaking waterfalls to its exceptional hiking trails, Chewacla State Park is the perfect way to truly enjoy all of the natural beauty Auburn has to offer. “Chewacla is one of the best things about Auburn. Nothing beats laying in an ENO and just enjoying the scenery,” said senior Auburn student Patrick Golden.  

4. Eat a Steel City Pop

Right in the heart of downtown Auburn, Steel City Pops is a must-have treat every student needs to try before graduating. These all-natural gourmet pops are made with local ingredients and are sure to leave your mouth watering for more.  

5. Get a Picture with Aubie

Aubie the Tiger is the spirit of Auburn, and having a picture taken with the beloved mascot will be a memory you can hold onto long after you graduate. “It is my goal to get a picture with Aubie and to do his famous strut walk with him around campus,” said Fisher.

6. Sunday Brunch at the Hound

The Hound is one of many outstanding restaurants in Auburn, and its brunch is out of this world. The biscuits ‘n gravy are sure to comfort any graduation blues, and the french toast will make you decide to stay at Auburn another year. So grab your friends and enjoy The Hound’s famous brunch this Sunday and, well, every Sunday after that.

7. Visit the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

Indulge in art and culture at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art. It’s the only museum on the campus of Auburn University, and it’s an experience like no other. The works of art range from traditional to contemporary and its exhibitions are truly compelling.

8. Ride Your Bike/Take a Walk Around Campus

If you’re a senior, then you have been on Auburn’s campus more times than you can count, but did you ever take a moment to enjoy it? When your classes are done for the day, take a walk or bike ride around campus and live in the moment. With graduation approaching, you won’t have many more chances to walk around the campus as an Auburn student.

9. Take a picture in front of the Auburn University Sign

A picture in front of the Auburn University Sign is classic and something every student needs to do before they graduate. Whether it’s a casual picture with your friends or when you’re popping champagne on your graduation day, make sure to get that iconic sign in the background.

10. Roll Toomer’s Corner

Last but definitely not least is rolling Toomer’s Corner. It is one of Auburn’s most notable traditions because it is a time when the Auburn family comes together to celebrate a victory. You can hear people yelling “War Eagle!” from miles away, and that’s what it’s all about. 

(All photos from the Auburn Family website)

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