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Whitney King is a senior at Auburn University majoring in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) and will be graduating in December. She is originally from Huntsville, AL but her family now lives in Denver, CO. This summer, she will be moving to Denver for an internship.

King will be interning at a company called NagraStar. This company provides security for satellite TV providers. The company writes the software that scrambles the satellite signal that only a receiver can unscramble, ensuring that people do not have their cable signal stolen.

“When I first start I will probably just be learning how the company works. Then I’ll start helping around the office and maybe move into some sales,” King said. King is a hard worker and is excited to get started at NagraStar. She also mentioned that it will be a good place to meet people and network for when she is ready to start looking for permanent jobs.

King’s plan is to live at home with her family for the summer to save some money. “The deal with my parents is that if I move home this summer, I can move to New Orleans for my HDFS internship in the fall,” King explains. Her mom’s family is from New Orleans and she has always dreamed of living there.

King is lucky because her internship is a paid internship, which is often hard to find. She mentioned that she is most excited about earning and saving some extra money and to live in a new metropolitan area.

Although King’s family lives in Denver, she has not gotten to spend much time there. “My parents moved there after I graduated from high school, so I’ve never actually lived there. I’ve only been home for small amounts of time, like for holidays. It’s a cool city and I’m really excited to spend more time there,” King said.

King knows this is a great opportunity to learn about the real world and she is eager to learn all she can. It is a great way to get her foot in the door with a company and make some good connections for later.

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