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Eagle Eye TV, Auburn University's premier student run news program, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The sports segment of the program, Eagle Eye Sports Live, is just starting to sustain life on its own, however.

How to fit sports into the program has been a cyclical issue for Eagle Eye TV for the entirety of its existence. For years, sports was just a brief part of the weekly news show on Monday nights. The segment included a few highlights of the football team or respective sports according to the season. Last spring though, things changed for Eagle Eye sports in a big way. William McLain, the Sports Director for Eagle Eye Tv, sees a whole lot of potential for sports to do well in the broadcasting world at Auburn University. He believes it can do well from past history as well as excitement and buzz around the program the past year or two. "Covering Auburn football especially is such a huge opportunity that even most smaller professional markets loathe," McLain says. "Reporting from Cam Newton's backyard during Auburn's national championship run, for example, is not only a big deal to Auburn, but it's nation wide news in the sporting world."

With that momentum and buzz around sports at Auburn University, McLain helped bring back and produce Eagle Eye Sports Live. This weekly show is a half-hour program dedicated solely to sports at Auburn. Unlike the past, where sports was just a quick update, this show allows for a more broad analysis of all Auburn sports. McLain reminds us that "right now, football is King, but we are trying to emphasize more coverage of intramural sports and club sports, which include the likes of Lacrosse and Bass Fishing." In addition to Eagle Eye Sports Live, they also air a weekly Football Preview Show, dedicated entirely to looking ahead to the Tigers next football game with great depth and analysis. This allows Eagle Eye Sports Live to focus on other sports instead of solely on football. 

Producing a news show might be more complicated than most people think. Even at a student run news program like Eagle Eye TV, a full crew is needed. McLain shares that "personnel wise, the show needs three to four anchors, people doing interviews, two or three people to run the cameras, an audio person, someone directing the show, and several more behind the scenes people helping with whatever else comes up." This many people makes for quite a large task to put on this show. 

The exciting part about Eagle Eye Sports Live is that it's open to whoever wants to get involved, regardless of age, experience, or major. "We want to be there for the students who do not have much time in their weeks but would still like to be a part of the program in some way," McLain adds. As a senior this year, McLain shares that he treats his position like a job, with multiple hours in the studio every day, including weekends. This encourages him to say, "We as a staff can definitely use some help, and I encourage anyone with even the slightest degree of interest to come check it out." If interested, the Eagle Eye Studio is located on the first floor of the Student Center and meets as a full staff on Monday nights at 6:30.

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