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A Fresh Perspective: A Freshman's First Two Weeks at Auburn University

Owen Chandler, 19, is a freshmen at Auburn University this fall. Chandler graduated last May from Vestavia Hills High School in Birmingham, Alabama. Chandler is majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in German. Chandler lives in a dorm with three roommates, one of which is his brother. After Auburn, he hopes to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham or University of South Alabama in hopes of one day becoming a physician’s assistant. His hobbies include playing soccer, hanging out with people, watching football, running and going to the campus rec center.

What’s your favorite thing about Auburn University?
“My favorite thing about Auburn is how everyone treats each other. I came for a tour back in high school and everyone said, ‘hey.’ Everyone just kind of looks out for each other, holds doors, talks to each other in line, it’s just a really friendly atmosphere.”
What classes are you taking this semester?
“I’m in German Composition and Conversation, Principles of Biology plus the lab, Fundamentals of Chemistry I plus the lab, and Pre-Health Orientation.”
How are classes going?
“There’s definitely a lot more to study, and everything is a lot more quick-paced. For example, we’re already in chapter five for biology and it’s only the second week...quick-paced, a lot of homework, a lot of material.”
What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about how to deal with the first few weeks of classes?
“Study when you can. That way, later you can hang out with friends. Right when you get back from class, if you’re just sitting there doing nothing, that’s when you need to study. So when it comes night time, you can go hang out with people, meet people and still get some sleep.”
Is there anything you wish you’d done differently so far for your classes?
“I wish I had started using a planner because I’m a little confused right now with all the stuff I have to do. So, I’m going to start that but I would recommend using one from Day 1, so you don’t get behind or confused.”
How did move-in day to the dorms go?“It went smoothly. It didn’t take that much time. The most exciting part was actually meeting them (roommates) for the first time because we were moving in…then they got there. That was kind of the biggest part of the day, because we had messaged them and kind of met them but not really. Other than that, the move in was typical. We got the stuff up. It was hot, not the most fun you could have.”

Is there any advice you’d give to incoming freshmen about move-in day?
“If you have a lot of stuff, invest in storage bins. If you just throw stuff in your car and expect to carry it up, like one-by-one or something, that’s going to be a nightmare. So definitely invest in storage bins and space bags.”
Do you and your roommates have any rituals to keep things in order at home?
“Probably the most ritualistic thing that we do is we make sure that each of us washes the dishes in cycles. I washed it today, so someone else will wash it tomorrow.”

You're involved with the Auburn Christian Student Center. How would you suggest that incoming freshmen get involved with that?
“I would say find a friend and go to a Tuesday night ‘devo.’ Most importantly, go to the 'new student retreat' because that’s when you have a whole weekend to meet new freshmen like you and you make a lot of friends going to that retreat. If you don’t go, you’re kind of behind in knowing people.”
Is there any other advice you’d give to incoming freshmen?
“Go out and make friends. Academics are very important, but if you don’t make friends, then you won’t have a fun time. Join stuff, get involved, even if it’s just a church, doesn’t have to be a fraternity or sorority. Just be sure to make friends. Also, be sure to use your time wisely. Be able to compartmentalize your time. Be diligent in your search for football tickets, because there are good deals out there.”

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