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College can sometimes get tough. The fast pace of classes, overload of assignments and not to mention having a job can often time become a hassle. If grades begin to fall and your GPA starts dropping, it's not unlikely for a student to find him or herself stumbling upon Cater Hall.

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Cater Hall, built in 1915 as the president's home, is now home of the Undergraduate Academic Counseling and Advising Center. The center's mission is to help students with their individual needs and assist them in developing an academic success plan to get back on track. The center combines opportunities for individual personal assessment, advising and career counseling all-in-one.

The staff of the center includes: one career counselor, two academic counselors, two academic advisors and two academic coaches. One of the first people the student is introduced to when he or she enters the center is academic counselor Julia James.

"We provide several services that are student-centered and individually crafted for each student so that the student can improve their GPA overtime," said Julia.

The process of the center will be similar to the students prior advising. When they first come to Cater Hall the student will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, you will have to schedule an appointment with an academic counselor, which may take about thirty minutes. The two of them may work together to determine which services best benefits the student.

A student may be referred to see the career counselor to discuss his or her program and graduation goals. The student may also meet with an academic coach to discuss how to improve study and academic skills. After meeting with the career counselor or academic coach or both, an appointment will be scheduled for the student to meet with an academic advisor who will assist them in developing an academic plan.

The students who usually benefits from the program are those who experience difficulty: maintaining minimum academic standards, identifying or maintaining academic majors or career paths, adjusting and connecting to college life and making wise decisions.

After completing these series of steps, it is almost guaranteed that the student will be back on the right path. The student should be satisfied with his or her progress and improvement in academic and career performance. Most students usually leave the doors of Cater Hall with the feeling of a new beginning or a fresh start.

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