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            Hey Day guarantees a friendly hey to come your way. Hey Day has become one of Auburn University’s most cherished traditions. Hey Day dates back to World War II to promote camaraderie around campus to help relieve tension from the war.            

            The Auburn student body and the Student Government Associated wanted a day that would unite the student body and promote a friendly atmosphere.  The tradition started in the Fifties and Sixties. However, it did not take place for a few years. The Student Government Associated reinstated the tradition on January 29, 1985. 

            The tradition of the special day still lives on today. Hey Day takes place around mid-semester every year. This year it was held on October 3.  On Hey Day, the Student Government Associated hands out nametags to students, faculty and other members of the Auburn Family. This allows people to greet each other by name throughout the day. Hey Day is an effort to bring the Auburn Family closer together. Leaders on campus support this tradition to prove that Auburn has the friendliest campus around.

            Students have come to cherish this special day. Sarah Moseley says, “Hey Day is definitely one of my favorite traditions because I love getting to say hey to anyone I see on campus.” The day opens up doors for students to interact with others they may not know. Moseley says, “I look forward to Hey Day every year. It really shows what the Auburn Family is about.”  

            There is something special about being called by your name. Hey Day allows students to be called by their name for a whole day. Moseley says, “It makes students feel special and truly does promote a friendly atmosphere on campus.”

            Hey Day has turned into a fun day for everyone. This year Hey Day had free food such as pizza, BBQ, and cupcakes.  There were also performances from the AU band, cheerleaders, tiger paws, Nova the eagle, and Aubie. Moseley has participated in Hey Day every year since coming to Auburn. She says, “This year was definitely one of my favorites. This tradition never gets old.” She plans on participating every year until she graduates.

            Hey Day reflects the true spirit of the Auburn Family. It is not called the Auburn Family for no reason. Hey Day shows Auburn’s true love for each member of the family. So, next year come grab a nametag and participate in this special day. 

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