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As Valentine's Day approaches, many people might be scrambling to think of something to do with their significant other.  This list will help you come up with something that works best for your lady.

1. Attend the planting of Oaks at Toomer’s Corner

"Going to see the new love of my life: the Toomer's Oaks being planted," said Auburn gentleman Austin Phillips. Auburn University will be planting two live oaks at Toomer’s Corner on the morning of Valentine’s Day.  The oaks are fully grown and will restore the corner to its original prestige.  Unfortunately, no one can roll the oaks for an entire year, but the event is a must-see for any die-hard Auburn fan.  (Photo: Auburn University)

2. Visit the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art is one of Auburn’s most 

under-appreciated treasures.  If you’ve never been, Valentine’s Day would be a perfect time to visit.   The museum currently features a new exhibit by John Himmelfarb titled “TRUCKS.” So even if you’ve been before there’s always something new to see.  (Photo Wikimedia)

3. Auburn Knights Swing Dance

The Auburn Knights Orchestra holds a Swing Dance each year on Valentine’s Day.  The dance is in downtown Opelika, starts at 8 p.m. and when it is over you can enjoy the nightlife of Opelika. 

(Photo: Used with permission. Photographer Auburn Knights)  

4. See a live show

If swing dancing isn't your thing, or you are looking to stay local, Auburn offers several live bands on Valentine's Day.  Downtown, of course, has an assortment of bands performing a wide range of genres to cover any preference. If your date is more into ‘90s covers or country this may be your best bet.  

5. Go out to dinner downtown

The old stand by for Valentine’s Day. "'We' are going to get coffee, eat dinner at her favorite restaurant, and go see a movie at the new movie theater in Opelika," said Auburn gentleman Trey Kelly. Going out to dinner with good company is something everyone enjoys going. Auburn has plenty of great places to have dinner on Valentine’s Day. Be advised, there will be a crowd – so get reservations now or go early.

6. Cook dinner together 

Cooking dinner for your significant other is a great way to spend time with someone while benefiting from the fruits of your labor.  A home-cooked meal is definitely more intimate than going to a restaurant, and taking the time to prepare for the meal shows a lot of thought. Figure out what your date likes to eat and go out and get all the ingredients to prepare their favorite dish.  (Photo Wikimedia)

7. Go to the movies 

"...Going to 50 Shades," said Auburn gentleman Mathew Wood.  Going to the movies is one of the most popular date ideas.  This Valentine’s Day it could be the right choice for a date night considering “Fifty Shades of Grey” premiers. If your date is one of the many gals enjoyed “Fifty Shades of Grey,” then you may have to find out what all the rage is about and go. (Photo Wikimedia)

8. Binge watch a TV series

Binge watching a TV series has become a common pastime these days, so why not do it with someone you love.  This is an easy and cheap way to spend Valentine's Day and will be enjoyed by most.  Order Chinese food, turn on the Netflix and fire up "Friends."  Who can say no to that?  (Photo: Screen capture Netflix)

9. Go for a hike

Auburn is in a great location to get out and become one with nature.  Lake Martin is a short distance from Auburn and Chewacla State Park is even shorter.  Both locations have great spots to hike, take in the scenery and get some fresh air.  You could even bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the rest of the day there. (Photo Wikimedia)


10. Get a sweet or sour treat

Finally, no list of date ideas in Auburn would be complete without Toomer’s Lemonade.  If you and your date are just getting to know each other this may be the way to go.  Get some lemonade and walk around downtown Auburn and if she’s craving something sweet grab some cupcakes.   

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