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Katherine Beck is a student attending Auburn University. Beck however shows school spirit in a different way than most other students. Beck not only supports her school by just wearing her school colors or attending different events, she helps keep the student-athletes on the field. Beck spends a lot of her free time over at the athletic complex tutoring.

Beck is from Birmingham, Ala., and is a Public Relations major. When Beck was asked why she chose to attend Auburn she replied, “I came to Auburn because I just fell in love with it.  It could offer the big school experience, while having a small school feel.  Auburn is now my second home and I never want to leave!” Beck really loves her school and will forever believe in Auburn.
Student athletes spend majority of their time doing sport activities, which only allows a small amount of time for studying. This is where tutors like Beck come in handy. Beck says, “I am a tutor for the student-athletes.  I tutor communication and PR classes.” The official job title for Beck is “Student-Athlete Tutor.” Beck tutors as many student athletes as she needs to in order to help them achieve success in their classes. This semester Beck says, “I tutor 4 different athletes in 2 different classes. I tutor anywhere from 6-8 hours a week.” This could interfere with her own school work don’t you think? However Beck says, “Not really.  Being able to teach the same subject and material over and over has really helped me know the material on a deeper level.  I am pretty good at time management, so just knowing what my schedule will be for the week helps me plan when I will study.”
Tutoring other people may come as a challenge to some. How do tutors manage to balance their work along with those who they tutor? What do they really get out of spending their time helping others? When asking Beck what led her to do this job, she replied, “I was interested in tutoring to see if teaching was something that I would want to do in the future.  I was also looking for a part-time job that had flexible hours.  This job was the perfect fit!” therefore there was something in it for her as well as the students she tutors. Beck also said, “I think the best part of this job is the flexible hours.  I also love working with the student-athletes.  They work hard in their respective sport, but also their school work, so it's awesome to see how you have helped someone just through tutoring.” Beck is just as beneficial from the tutoring as the student athletes as she said in the interview, “I get to help student-athletes cover material and to see them understand and really work for a good grade and studying is awesome.  I have met some really great people through this job as well!”
Beck really loves her job. She is very beneficial to the student-athletes she tutors, with her helping them their grades have a positive result. Beck gets experience and extra insight into the material herself from the tutoring sessions. Therefore this job is perfect for her in many ways and it also prepares her more for the working world. When Beck was asked about her future and dream job she said, “My dream job is working for Apple, Inc. in their Marketing department.  I am a huge Apple lover and follower.  I love their vision, philosophy, products, etc.”  Therefore you may want to be on the lookout for Katherine Beck on your future Apple products.

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