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Miles from home in a world so different from his own, Jonathan Mitchell is an international student with a love for the southern culture. Being from New Zealand, Jonathan has had many adjustments to make after moving to the states. "Coming from a beach town on an island, the culture is really different. The way people dress appeared weird to me. I had never seen Chacos before."


Jonathan has been attending Auburn for two years now and he calls it his second home. Having traveled  all around the world, Auburn is definitely  his favorite place to be. He chose to attend Auburn randomly. Knowing that his family friends lived in Alabama, he asked for some suggestions on local schools. He checked out Auburn's website, felt good about it and applied. Talk about living life on the edge.


Jonathan has gotten to be a part of the traditional Auburn academic experience, but he also has gotten to see the fun side too. " I would have to say that my whole time at Auburn has been a crazy adventure. A couple of weeks ago I went on a road trip to Tennessee with friends and soon I'm going skydiving with some more." The Dothan peanut festival was another fun experience that left Jonathan even more in love with Alabama. While he says the concept of having a festival focused around peanuts is hard to understand, the deep fried Oreo made him forget about the peanuts.


Life isn't always fun though. Being half way across the world from his family and home town can be difficult especially in light of the recent earthquake  that left New Zealand shaken and hurting just a few months back. Hearing about the tragedy on the news before he heard from his parents was difficult and nerve wracking, but the distance is something that Jonathan has learned to deal with.


While his family may be so far away, Jonathan had met many friends through various classes and campus activities. His friends take turns bringing him home for holidays so Jonathan is never left alone and homesick.


Jonathan Mitchell is a great example of living life on the edge. Picking a new school, a new town and a new life may seem frightening and there have been times Jonathan has wanted to pack up and go home, but the experiences and relationships are ones so unique and so amazing that Jonathan hasn't been able to leave it just yet. War Eagle from Auburn to New Zealand.

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