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Many students among Auburn University’s campus feel that their education and experiences build a strong foundation in preparing for the workforce. Auburn’s interior design program is recognized as one of the top of many, and its students are prepared for whatever opportunities follow their college career.
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Anna Campbell is a graduating senior from Marietta, Ga. She has experienced the challenges Auburn’s interior design program has put in front of her and embraced every opportunity to get involved and educated in her career path.

“What I love about the interior design program is that it is very specific and I am learning exactly what I will be doing in the job field,” said Campbell. “Another plus is that it is a smaller populated major so there is a lot of student teacher interaction which has really helped me with hands on experience.”

Campbell has also been working for a designer in the Auburn area. She says the experience has helped her learn the fundamental principles of design before starting her career and has helped her in being comfortable with what her future job entails.

She also holds the position of President of the Auburn chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. This has not only helped her with networking, but leadership roles and public speaking as well.

According to Campbell, the interior design program is time consuming with many projects and long hours. She said learning how to interact in a group is crucial. Many of their assignments are large projects worked on in small groups throughout the semester. Campbell, among many other experienced design students has learned exactly what it takes for such a detailed major.

“I am lucky to be graduating from such a prestigious program at Auburn University,” said Campbell. “Not only am I confident that I will be prepared with whatever obstacles I will face when finding a job, but I also know that having the educational background of such a great program will help me be prepared for anything I may face in the future.”

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