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This past weekend, over 78,000 people attended a celebration for Auburn University. Most people will probably lean towards discussing Cameron Newton, the win over Oregon, or the description of listening to a speech given at the BCS celebration ceremony.


However, I plan on discussing something entirely different. At the top of Jordan-Hare stadium, flying in the wind, a new 2010 BCS National Championship flag flies. The symbol of a flag might mean something different to every Auburn University student, but this particular flag gives us all the same feeling of victory.


I was lucky enough to be at that game with my friends, and celebrating the win on the Pat Dye field of Jordan-Hare stadium with my friends gave us just as many goosebumps as being 7 rows up at the University of Phoenix football field. On January 10, 2010, no one could have convinced Brooke that less than a month later she would feel the same thrill as we had that day. Although everyone was not able to make the trip out to Glendale, AZ to watch our Auburn family succeed, our hearts were all on that field as Wes Byrum kicked the final football through those two yellow poles. 


The same rush of excitement came over my friend Brooke Bonner as she stepped onto Auburn University’s football field last Saturday. She held onto her plastic ignited card almost as tight as we had held our tickets to the game out in Glendale, AZ, knowing that this object meant something to her.


Objects usually have the same meaning to everyone, but at Auburn University we are able to change the meaning of a few things that are important to our tradition. Her ignited card isn’t just a piece of plastic, but it’s a ticket to a game, proof that she is an Auburn fan, and most of all a symbol of her place as a student at the university. Something as simple as toilet paper isn’t just something you keep stocked in the bathroom for company, but at Auburn, it is a sign of triumph. 


Brooke wasn’t just “All In” at this past weekends BCS National Champion celebration, but she was at the top of Jordan-Hare, flying with that flag, proud to be an Auburn Tiger, and cheering for the university that she feels so lucky to be a part of. To Brooke, “War Eagle” isn’t just a battle cry, it’s a friendly hello, a pat on the back, and it’s a subtle way to brag about where we attend school.

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