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A New Organization In The Works Will Help Students Develop New Media Production Skills


Have you ever wanted to learn about video or web production, but you could never find the resources and the task of teaching yourself was too daunting?  


Would you like to gain a broad range of audio and visual production skills within the scope of social media? 


Perhaps you would like to hone your skills and keep up with the ever-evolving, booming world of new media production. 


If any of the above is true, you should check out Auburn New Media Club, an organization forming on the Plains that will make acquiring or enhancing any type of  media production skills accessible to any student who is interested. 


“The club would be a perfect outlet to get as many people interested in production of any sort,” said Alessio Summerfield, an RTVF major. 


Alessio thought Auburn should have an updated means to educate students about new media production, and help build their strengths in this rapidly changing, increasingly popular area. 


With the help of Kelly Walker, a multi-media and new media specialist for the College of Liberal Arts, Alessio is launching this new club. 


A couple of meetings have recently been held to gauge interest and foster ideas. 


“Judging by the number of students who have responded right away, there’s a clear need to provide them with a forum to exchange ideas about new media,” Kelly said. 


Within the developing club, members are encouraged to share their own experience in video, audio and web production  in relation to social media with other members. 


“In its ideal form, it’s going to be a great opportunity for students to help other students become better at media production,” Kelly said. 


Participation in the organization could facilitate internship and job opportunities. 


“The organization could put students in a much better position to find work both within and out of the University,” Kelly said. “Social media and new media are two of the fastest growing areas for communication professionals of all kinds. Certainly, Auburn in a variety of ways, has taken a leadership role developing new media and social media. So certainly, it will be a great way for us to identify students and their  competencies in those areas. Also, students who spend time within the club are going to find a tremendous amount of opportunities will be opened for them.” 


Marketing major Jamey Boudreaux, said a lot of students who come to the RBD Media and Digital Resource Laboratory at RBD Library where he works, need help strengthening their technology skills when it comes to creating projects. 


He said he has noticed several students approach professors for guidance on video and web production. 

There is no easy way to obtain media production skills, Jamey said. 


Tutorials are too expensive, taking the initiative to acquire these type of skills on their own intimidates many students or such classes are major specific, he added. 


“If you want to do video editing or web development, what’s better than a close knit group of people who know all about it, and just a gathering of regular people teaching people for free in a community environment,” Jamie said 


Raising awareness that the University needs more production classes is an aspect that would be a huge benefit, Alessio said. 


Members of the organization will work on projects together to facilitate learning, an exchange of ideas and innovation.  


For the first couple of projects, members will create a website to promote the club and a streaming online radio station. 


Each meeting will be audio or video recorded so members who were unable to attend can access minutes.


Faculty members of various departments within the College of Liberal Arts support the developing club.


Faculty of the MDRL in RBD are open to hosting lectures and tutorials and met with the dean to discuss doing so.


The club is informally meeting throughout the summer semester, and is preparing the proper paperwork to present to SGA in the fall to become an officially recognized organization.


Documentation of photoshop and audio tutorials the club has hosted up to date is posted online in the form of video and pictures.


Request to join the Auburn University New Media group on Facebook and follow the club on Twitter for meeting times and more updates.


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