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"These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you; lets here it for New York."

With a New York state of mind, Auburn University student, Kelsey Paz, applied for an internship at Music Television (MTV). After submitting her resume and cover letter online in September, Paz anxiously awaited for a response, while enjoying her last semester on the plains.

"The application process was pretty simple and all located online," said Paz. "Although, I also physically mailed MTV and the other places that I applied to a letter to make sure they received my information."

As a senior majoring in Radio, Television and Film (RTVF), Paz has a strong understanding of the development of mass media in the United States. Located in the College of Liberal Arts, RTVF majors are taught critical and analytical skills in interpreting media messages and the business and corporate aspects of media industries. The RTVF program allows students to learn these skills through classroom instruction and hands-on experiences.

"My favorite class in the RTVF program is the Adaptation for Shortfilms class, which I am currently enrolled in," explained Paz. "In this class you are able to choose a short story with a group and make it into a film by creating a script, casting your own characters and doing all of the production and editing work. This class allows you to put to use what you have learned throughout your coursework."

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After patiently waiting to hear back from her dream internship for nearly a month, Paz received an e-mail that further sparked her New York state of mind. The e-mail stated that she would need to complete an over the phone interview in order for her application to be processed any further.

Once she completed one phone interview, she was asked to complete another interview with a representative in the news and documentaries department, where she wanted to be placed.

Two days later, Paz received a phone call congratulating her on becoming an intern with MTV.

"I am so excited and cannot wait to experience working at MTV," said Paz. "I was told that they are going to assign me to either the True Life, My Super Sweet 16 or Cribs documentary. I will be helping with the production of the show and help throughout the creative process."

With the holidays just around the corner, Paz has a new game plan to get ready for her new life in New York.

"I plan on spending as much time as I can with my family, while working to save up money for the new apartment that my roommate and I just signed a lease for located off of Lexington in the Upper East Side."

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