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A "Phiesta" for the Boys and Girls Club

Auburn University’s sororities and fraternities on campus each take part in hosting a philanthropic event on campus. These events are known to be fun and entertaining while giving back to certain charities in need. The Pi Beta Phi sorority hosted the Pi Phiesta philanthropy event, which provided a great service to the community as well as a great social atmosphere. 

Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropy is Boys and Girls Club, which is an organization around different communities in the United States providing an after school program where the boys and girls are instilled a sense of usefulness, competence, and integrity. This special program gives boys and girls a place where they can grow and learn, instead of acting out in a certain way that could be harmful to themselves as well as the community. 

There is a Boys and Girls Club in Opelika, Alabama, very close to Auburn University. Pi Beta Phi volunteers every day to help the kids, whether it be helping out with their homework or cleaning the Boys and Girls Club facility. The ladies of Pi Beta Phi see the unfortunate circumstances of the young kids lives and want to promote a way to give back by hosting an event like Pi Phiesta. 

Each sorority member is required to sell 5 tickets where they are each $10. If you purchase a ticket you are paying for great Mexican food as well as an awesome band. It is hosted outside The Village lawn on Auburn’s campus and is decorated a Mexican theme. This year, attendees were asked to bring old children’s books for the Boys and Girls Club. Each book was worth a spirit point, therefore Greek students were more than happy to give. 

Some attendees were pleasantly surprised by the event. Pi Phiesta provided a place for students to come and socialize comfortably while also giving back to the Boys and Girls Club. “I always love coming to this philanthropy,” said Claire Tucker, a junior at Auburn University. “Pi Phiesta is like a party without alcohol, so you know everybody is real and just having fun.” 

Pi Beta Phi is very proud that this is the image they have set for Pi Phiesta on Auburn’s campus and is very thankful that the turnout was so great this year. Pi Beta Phi hopes their philanthropic event continues to be more and more successful in the years to come. The more successful the event the greater joy there is at the Boys and Girls Club.

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