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Being an Auburn student provides so many opportunities for involvement, connections and fun activities to meet new people. However, campus life clubs aren’t made for everyone. It’s easy to feel disconnected if you can’t find your niche, but a new student should never worry. There are so many ways to find a group beyond campus organizations.

Meet Caroline Beasley, a current junior at Auburn University. Beasley is studying chemical engineering, a demanding and challenging major. When Beasley isn’t studying, the last thing she wants is more time spent on campus. However, she has found another outlet that allows for a nice break from school while also providing a way to interact with peers: working in a restaurant.

The Hound, an established Auburn restaurant and local favorite, boasts some of Alabama's finest southern cuisine. Beasley is a hostess currently and loves the atmosphere, friendships and extra spending money her job provides.

“I honestly have the best of both worlds: I see my friends I’ve made at the restaurant when I come to work, but I also get to see all my friends who come in to eat. It’s such a great mix of people.” (right: Beasley with her mother at The Hound restaurant.)

After studying for hours on end, moving around and interacting with people is just what Beasley needs. The hours, she claims, don’t keep her from studying and when she needs a night off, her fellow employees are more than willing to help her out. “The people who work here are truly amazing. And the management is the best too. It’s like a club at Auburn- but better. It’s a family!”

Beasley also tells how she truly has learned the meaning of hard work at The Hound, more so than she would in a campus organization. “Every day is a learning experience: you learn how to deal with different personalities, how to be polite, how to think on your feet… This job has truly taught me the meaning of hard work and the value of good customer service.”

Every day is a fast pace in the restaurant world, so there’s never a dull moment for Beasley. She also says though, at the end of the day, the people she works with make her laugh, making the work worth it. The Hound is a place where she always feels comfortable, loved and appreciated. An on-the-go college student and restaurateur in the making, Caroline Beasley found her place and is thriving in the Auburn community.

Whether it’s a campus organization, a club or a job off campus, there are so many ways to find a group in Auburn. It doesn’t have to be connected the University or a group of friends you met in class. The city of Auburn provides so many ways to find your niche, your outlet, and your home. 

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