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Academic Advising | Is the Experience Sometimes Intimidating?

Auburn students have two fears: Tripping and falling on the concourse, and academic advising. Let’s get to the root of the problem. Why do students have these negative feelings toward academic advising? Is it the time we live in?

Dr. Susan Villaume, Chair of the University Undergraduate Advising Council says, “Students need to understand that advising is a shared responsibility.”

Students must come prepared and informed to their advising session, and understand that they are not the only student at Auburn; there are nearly 25,000 of us.

“To improve advising we have to help students better understand their expectations,” says Villaume.

Due to the numerous technological advances, our generation expects things to be done quickly and conveniently. We must understand that there are responsibilities on our end. Being proactive and taking initiative will make advising easier on the students and our advisors. We must keep up with our program requirements and keep our program check list updated. Many colleges at Auburn, for example the College of Liberal Arts has adopted an online system so that registering for advising sessions is quick and easy. You are sent an email when it is time for you to see your advisor, you are given a link to click on to make your appointment, and you are sent a confirmation and reminder email.

It is important to realize that Auburn University is working everyday to make advising easier, and for the process to run smoothly for faculty and students. “We identify specific ways to improve advising and we have formed sub-groups to work on these things, there is also a representative from SGA on our committee,” says Villaume. SGA plays a vital role on the University Undergraduate Advising Council. They are planning an SGA advising week the first week in October. One of their main focuses is to help students better understand what expectations they have when they come to an advising session so the session will be more productive and beneficial for the student.

“Auburn, we all agree needs to improve its advising website, so we have a sub-committee that’s working with this and we are working with AU communications and your SGA representative so we can improve the ways students are finding advising information on the web,” says Villaume.

Academic Advising at Auburn is on the fast track to major improvements. These improvements will benefit the students and faculty. Advisors are here to help us, so we must help them in return. Remember advising is a shared responsibility!

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