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Accounting Major Accepts Job at Ernst & Young

Meg Danielson graduated from Auburn University in December 2012.  Like many accounting hopefuls, Danielson gained a prestigious internship with Ernst & Young, one of the top accounting firms located in Atlanta, Ga.

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After completing the internship Danielson was offered a full-time position,” I just now finished my internship with Ernst & Young in Atlanta and I just accepted my full-time position starting next fall, 2014. “ said Danielson.


Until that job begins Danielson will have plenty to occupy her time, “I am going to grad school for the masters of accounting program.” explained Danielson.


Auburn University offers a one-year Masters of Accountancy program that will allow Danielson to become a Certified Public Accountant after taking the required exams. Ernst & Young will pay for Danielson to complete this program and upon graduation she will have a job awaiting her.


Danielson was not always so sure that accounting would be her career path, “I switched my major a lot and ended up doing business,” Danielson said, “I thought accounting would be a good major because there are a lot of good jobs in accounting.”


The skill of accounting also runs in Megan’s family and her career choice was well received by her family, “My dad did accounting, so he always pushed that that would be a good major to do. “ said Danielson.


After Danielson’s internship she knew that she had chosen the right major, “And I liked my internship a lot so that definitely made it more clear that [accounting] was the best path for me to take.” Said Danielson.


Danielson first heard about Ernst & Young at a career fair. She met with recruiters and learned about what opportunities they could offer. After the meetings Danielson decided to apply for the internship and see what would happen.


While at Auburn University Danielson participated in the Project Uplift program and worked with younger children. In the summer of 2012 Danielson interned in Dublin, Ireland and was able to gain international work experience.


Danielson has achieved what most college students strive for a successful internship, a job offer, further education and a career path she looks forward to.

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