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New place, new people, new teachers, new roommates; the transition from high school to college is full of all sorts of adjustments. Along with those is an unlimited list of new adventures.

In order to take full advantage of four years worth of adventures, a group of Auburn students formed the Outdoor Adventure Club back in 2006.

Seven years later, the OAC has about 120 active members all looking to enjoy the outdoors together.

“I joined the OAC because I really wanted to take advantage of my time in college to do things I won’t have time to do later in life,” said Senior Advisor Derrick Stone. “It’s great to be able to think of anything we want to do and have a group of enthusiastic people ready to go with us.”

This semester, the OAC has already gone white water rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking. Upcoming trips include snorkeling with manatees and skiing/snowboarding in North Carolina.  

Though it is never too late to join the OAC, it is a great way for freshman to meet new people while trying things they may have never considered.

“Most of the friends I have now I met through the OAC,” said Stone. “It is such a great way to meet people with a similar interest in outdoor activities while just having a great time together.”

One of the many benefits of joining the OAC is the group rates received for most of the trips. Potential future trips include skydiving and a relaxing beach trip.

For those interested in adventures with the OAC, visit

Or visit the Facebook page at


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