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Alabama Ghostbusters :: Web Series, Episode 2

Episode 2 of the new Alabama Ghostbusters fan web series is here and in full 1080p HD!  View Episode 1 here: on YouTube

This web series stars Auburn's Brock Parker, member of Alabama Ghostbusters and Multimedia Specialist for Auburn University's Office of Communications and Marketing.

The Story Continues...

A young woman, Jennifer, is missing.  Her home is invaded by ghosts, the police have no clue and her mother can't shake the fear that Jennifer's disappearance is somehow related to the supernatural.

The Alabama Ghostbusters haven't had a lot of customers, of late.

The plot thickens.  Mom seeks the help of the Ghostbusters.

They choose to investigate based upon two very important points.

First, Mom is willing to pay.  Second, Jennifer is cute.   So begins Episode 2...

Go back and watch Episode 1.

Cast Members  Episode 1:  Brock Parker, Sara Margaret Cates, Clifton Lewis, Justin Wood, Danny Salter ... Episode 2: Brock Parker, Sean Randall, Ethan Graham, Henderson Jones and Zoe Jones.

Production Crew  Episode 1:  Olivia Cathcart, Chris Harding, Chase Miller, Ashley Wise, Alex Barnes, Courtney Williams, Shane Fair, Sean Dave, Adam Schwartz, Brandon Sparks, John McDonough, Summer McCoy, Hunter Barcroft  ... Episode 2:  Olivia Cathcart, Ashley Wise, Nathaniel Reed, Bryce Denton, Pennie Jo Lambert, Chris Bentley, Adam Schwartz, Alex Beatty, Drew Baker .


Alabama Ghostbusters is a non-profit FAN FILM made by Ghostbusters fans. We hope that you enjoy the show! If you like what you see, like this video, leave us a note and subscribe to our channel! Episode 3 coming soon!

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For more information about the Alabama Ghostbusters, visit our website at, or like us on Facebook at

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