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Photo: Alan and Lauren McNaron

Alan McNaron '12 is a Communication graduate. His reasons for choosing Auburn University were quite simple.  "I followed a girl to Auburn University who recently became my wife, so War Eagle!", said McNaron.  That girl is Lauren Stone McNaron '11.  She is a Human Development and Family Studies graduate.  Alan and Lauren live in Atlanta now.  


Like everyone heading off to college, getting accustomed to a new home can be a challenge.  "Initially the Auburn lifestyle was much slower than my Atlanta pace that I had known most of my life and it was a difficult transition. It wasn't long until I understood what really made Auburn special and I fell in love with the community and Auburn family. Looking back on my experience I would have chosen Auburn because of it's community, personal classroom experience, and football. There is nothing like Auburn University," said McNaron.

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The community served McNaron well. "I found a strong network of friends at First Baptist Church of Opelika and began to serve with the High School ministry helping lead worship. That was a majority of my community."


Photo: Alan and his unidentified little buddy.

"I was a part of leadership with Mocha Club, an organization that adopts a mindset of sacrificial living in order to benefit those in need in Africa."


"And many nights I would be found playing intramural sports. Our team finished second and third every season, never getting to wear the coveted intramural champion shirts." said McNaron.


After college, McNaron found a home in the insurance industry. His experiences reveal how many corporations are discovering the value of becoming their own content providers. They can connect with customers in a way traditional marketing and advertising just doesn't offer. McNaron writes the company blog for Southern States Insurance.


"Our blog focuses on insurance and works to change societies immediate negative connotations associated with insurance, by emphasizing ways it brings healing in tragedy," said McNaron. "The blog is very informative in order to help our clients have a greater understanding of the often intimidating subject matter. Most posts are tailored to specific circumstances whether it be narrowed to career, type of insurance coverage, or clients we are highlighting to help their businesses succeed."


Editor's Note: This series highlights students and alumni blogging. Whether it be for personal pleasure or for work, the practice seems to be growing. It will be a three-week series.

"The blog is part of Southern States Insurance's efforts to help their clients understand changing risks and ways to save on their insurance costs," said McNaron. The company realized that some people are misinformed about insurance.  McNaron's job is to provide clarification and give clients needing additional resources.


The blog covers a variety of topics. Answering queries from customers is a large part of the effort. "As our insurance agents frequently receive an insurance question from clients, I will research the answer," said McNaron. "Our blogs are heavily influenced by the seasons approaching risks and general misconceptions about insurance. I constantly read information about the market to understand approaching risks that effect homes, cars, businesses, and general health. I read and write though out my day."


People that write for daily publications face a daunting task. How to stay fresh and share a compelling story. "(At first) I honestly struggled writing about insurance because it wasn't something I had much knowledge of or was very passionate about," said McNaron.


McNaron's passion for the work, and knowledge of the industry, began to grow.  "I have come to see that my blogs and research have provided answers for numerous clients. To see the impact of my effort as lives are protected and restored makes my work more meaningful," said McNaron.


"I am fueled by the results and if my work is able to help people before something goes wrong and when it does to bring restoration, then my work is well worth it," said McNaron.


Visit the  Southern States Insurance blog and say hello to Alan.

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Comment by Auburn Family on July 11, 2012 at 10:27am

Happy to highlight our alumni in action, Alan.  Thank you for participating.  Your question about alumni in Atlanta is a good one.   I don't think the Alumni Association collects website addresses in their directory, but that would be a good place to start looking.  That's the best idea I have.  War Eagle! ~  Robert

Comment by Alan McNaron on July 11, 2012 at 10:24am

Thanks for the write up on our Georgia insurance company!

I can't wait for the Auburn football season kick-off in Atlanta!

Robert do you have any links or blogs on Auburn Alumni in Atlanta? Thanks.

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