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Alden's Legacy Lives on to Inspire the Lives of Zambian Orphans with the Help of Auburn Student

Morgan Dunn, a sophomore at Auburn, is raising funds for a children’s village in Zambia called Tree of Life. Tree of Life is a branch of Family Legacy Missions International and has over 22 houses built serve as homes for the orphans of Zambia.


There are over one million orphans in Zambia alone and the life expectancy of these children is the lowest in the world at only 34 years old. Family Legacy aims to foster relationships between American families as well as single Adults and these children. The organization builds the Tree of Life houses for orphans with the most severe backgrounds to transform their lives.


Dunn’s first experience with the ministry was in the summer of 2011. She says, “The Lord has told me that I am to raise money to build one of the houses.” Many of the homes are built in honor of a remembered loved one.


In May 2008 one of Dunn’s friends was diagnosed with AML leukemia. Alden Malachowski defeated the disease that year, but in June 2009 the cancer returned. After aggressive chemotherapy sessions and a subsequent bone marrow transplant, Alden lost the battle to cancer.


Alden was born on the 13th, died on the 13th, and lived 13 years. She was “full of JOY all her life,” Dunn said, and in the end Alden died on the third Sunday of Advent known as the celebration of the JOY of the Lord.


With the miracle of Alden’s life and death, Dunn and many others from her hometown of Austin, TX were called to build a Tree of Life house in her honor. Dunn wants to share Alden’s inspiring story with the orphans to help them through the tribulations of their own lives. She hopes to “provide these orphans with a little taste of what we all know Alden is experiencing right now.”


To raise funds Dunn is selling t-shirts and pink wristbands (Alden’s favorite color). T-shirts are $20 and wristbands are $5. To place an order, send an email to

To get involved with this awesome cause get on Facebook and “like” Alden’s House, or make further donations at Family Legacy's website.

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