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January 10, 2011, is a day many Auburn fans will remember for the rest of their lives. It’s a day that Auburn fans all over the globe will remember always. Many celebrated in Glendale, Arizona, many rejoiced in their own homes, and some went to Toomer’s Corner and toilet papered every tree within sight. 

The BCS National Championship Celebration was held this past Saturday at one o’clock at Jordan-Hare Stadium. It was a chance for every Auburn fan to celebrate together. An estimated 80,000 people showed up. Students crowded the fields, and fans filled the stadium. When the upper deck was opened up, a flood of orange who all supported Auburn were ready to cheer on the years accomplishments. Many students can look back on every game this season like it was yesterday. Benjamin Manzano, a sophomore at Auburn was shocked when he realized how far we’ve come, not only as a team, but as the Auburn family. “I expected to have a winning season, but national champions seemed out of reach,” said Manzano. He took me back to his favorite moment of the season when Cam Newton had a 52 yard rushing touchdown against LSU. It’s something he said he will never forget. 

Students choose to come to Auburn for many different reasons. Some come because their families have gone here, others for hope at getting a great job when they graduate, but it takes a real student and person to be an Auburn fan. I asked Benjamin why he was Auburn fan, “I believe in Auburn and love it” was his reply. That is what Auburn fans are truly all about. This season showed it. Many allegations were made on members of the team and Auburn University, the fans did not give up and that paid off. Benjamin took me through his day and night of the BCS National Championship game. He woke up, showered, and put on the same outfit that he has worn every game this season. Ben watched the game on his television with some of his closest friends never taking his eyes off the television. He said “When the field goal was made, everyone immediately jumped up and went crazy. We got in the car and made our way down to Toomer’s Corner where we celebrated with the rest of our Auburn family.”

Auburn Family All In is a very comforting thing to know about a school. It shows that we are all in, and no matter what you can look to your Auburn family when things get tough. The 2010 Auburn Tigers football team is a prime example of Auburn being all in.

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