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All In, All Pink is an event that will be held Oct. 8 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on the Auburn Student Center

Greenspace. This is the fourth year that All In, All Pink has been held to promote breast cancer awareness.

The event will have guest speaker Fred Kam, M.D., medical director of the Auburn University Medical Clinic. There will be live entertainment from AU Rhythm and a gospel choir as well as free T-shirts at the event, both blue and pink.

"At the end of the event there will be a balloon release to celebrate those who have had breast cancer," said Alexis Jackson who is in charge of All In, All Pink. "It will celebrate those who have survived and those who have lost their lives."

All proceeds go to the Cancer Center of East Alabama Medical Center and will be taken in the form of donations.

All In, All Pink is partnering with the Auburn University of Outreach in Samford along with Equal Access Birmingham, Pack It Up Club, the Auburn University Chapter of Student National Pharmacy Association (SNPhA) and Phi Delta Chi from the Harrison School of Pharmacy. The Auburn School of Nursing, Brodwyn Chiropractic and the Joy to Life Foundation will also be partners, according to Jackson.

The Kappa Chi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and the Beta Omega Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi will also be partnering with All In, All Pink while the Franklin Organization will volunteer to help with the event.

The founder of All In, All Pink, Ebony Craig, belongs to the Kappa Chi Sorority and has a family history of breast cancer, according to Jackson who is also in the Kappa Chi Sorority. Craig is now a second year student in the Harrison School of Pharmacy.

"Ebony wanted to encourage students and the community to be self-advocates," said Jackson. There will be stories of the impact that breast cancer has had on students, their friends and their families. Because of her family history of breast cancer, Craig wanted to make sure students are aware of how the disease effects not only the people who are diagnosed, but also their friends and families.

The past three years have been successful because of the guest speakers and because of the stories that students and their families have submitted. This year will hopefully help further breast cancer awareness as well as provide plenty of donations for the Cancer Center.

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