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All in for Aubie: What goes on behind the scenes for Auburn's favorite tiger.

Children adore him, women love him and men want to be him. Aubie, Auburn’s school mascot, is immediately recognizable and is greeted with open arms wherever he goes on campus. Whether he’s mischievously interacting with security on the sidelines at football games, playing with elementary school children or even skydiving, Aubie has charmed his way into the hearts of Auburn fans since his first live appearance in 1979. Since his debut, Aubie has gone to win eight UCA Mascot National Championships and was among the first three mascots inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame. However, even with all of his accomplishments, Aubie is not able to carry out all his amazing feats on his own.

That’s where Aubie Committee and the directors of Aubie come into play.

The committee, which is made up of anyone who wants to join, meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. the week before an Auburn home football game. The group then spends the next few hours constructing any of the props Aubie needs out of cardboard, paint and various other craft supplies. If Aubie just wants a simple sign or a larger-than-life Snickers bar, his committee is there to make it happen.

Katherine Browning, one of this year’s three directors of Aubie and oversees committee, has the job of making sure everything is ready to go before the prop making begins.

“I’m in charge of making sure all the paint and cardboard and food for committee is here,” Browning said. “I check that Aubie has what he needs and that everyone can build the props and be comfortable and have fun.”

With Aubie’s many appearances and the different roles he often takes on, no two weeks are the same. The directors meet on Sundays to discuss various things like Aubie’s future appearances, Aubie’s calendar sales and what committee will be working on for the game.

“It’s a week by week thing for us,” Browning said. “It’s all planned out, but our Sunday meetings are when we talk about the details of what Aubie has coming up ahead.”

Being a director of Aubie or on committee gives people the chance to take part of one of the most well known symbols of Auburn without being directly in the spotlight. Browning said she enjoys this aspect of being a director and that the best part about her position is getting to go out and do the little things, like being with Aubie during appearances at a school or at an event off campus.

“When you’re in college, you don’t get to go out into the community as much as you would probably like, so getting to see different age groups and how they interact with Aubie is a lot of fun,” Browning adds.

Kevin Bryant, one of the members of Aubie Committee for the last few years, enjoys seeing the behind the scenes aspect of Aubie’s appearances and watching his hard work and prop making skills come to life on the field.

“I love getting to build the props and seeing Aubie use them in front of all the fans and all of them loving it,” Bryant said. “I started coming to Aubie Committee with one of my friends freshman year and I fell in love with it and have been coming back ever since.” 

If building props isn’t your thing, but you still want to give Aubie a helping hand, you can by supporting him on his mission to win his first ever Capital One Mascot Challenge. He is currently undefeated in all his matchups and is third in the rankings, and you can vote here up to 50 times a day. Make sure you show your support for Aubie and keep an eye out for all his amazing props and costumes on game day. 

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