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All In for Halloween: Top 5 Last-Minute Costume Ideas

It’s that time of the year again – as Halloween quickly approaches, many Auburn fans are scrambling to create last-minute costumes to wear to Halloween parties. Fighting off the droves of fellow procrastinators at costume stores can be a fright, so sometimes the most practical option is to create costumes using items you already own.

The Football Player

Perhaps the simplest Auburn Halloween costume is the classic Auburn football player. For this cool and comfortable costume, one only needs a jersey and some eye black. If you don’t have any authentic eye black handy, cosmetic eyeliner can create the same effect. Pair your jersey with jeans or leggings to complete the look.

The Haley Center

The Haley Center is the on-campus building that students and faculty love to hate. Often the butt of many students’ jokes, the Haley Center is notorious for its puzzling hallways and in recent years, asbestos exposure. This health scare opened the door for new costume ideas that are both clever and simple to make. For the perfect Haley Center costume, all one needs is “Caution Asbestos” barricade tape and a nametag. The barricade tape can be found at most home improvement stores. To execute the look, have a friend wrap the barricade tape around you in a haphazard fashion and put on your “Haley Center” nametag.

Toomer’s Oaks

If you are trying to evoke a more nostalgic response from your fellow partygoers, recreating Toomer’s Oaks is the perfect Auburn-themed costume for you. Begin by rummaging through your closet to find a long-sleeved camouflage or green t-shirt. Grab a roll of toilet paper then go outside and find two leafy branches. Put the costume together by sticking the branches down the sleeves of your shirt, and then have a friend “roll” you and your branches. For a cool party trick, bring a roll of toilet paper with you to your Halloween festivities so partygoers can roll you throughout the night.


Who better to dress up as for Halloween than the most recognizable face on Auburn’s campus? Aubie is the quintessential Auburn-themed costume, as his stripes can be worn by fans of all ages. While some Aubie costumes can be quite elaborate, others are surprisingly easy to make. All you need to create your Aubie costume is an orange t-shirt, black and white crafting felt, and a hot-glue gun. Simply cut the black felt into tiger stripes and the white felt into a large circle for the belly, then hot-glue accordingly. Accessorize the costume with a tiger tail and a shaker.

Gus Malzahn

Gus Malzahn is known not only for his strategic wins but also for his impeccable style. Since Malzahn first donned his sweater vest in the 2013 season, countless Auburn fans have been trying to emulate his unique game day look. This male fashion trend has been sweeping the Auburn Tiger nation, which makes it the perfect last-minute Halloween costume. All you need is a sweater vest, visor, khakis and a clipboard. If you don’t own one of the pricy Under Armor sweater vests that are sold in most fan stores, you can always create your own by cutting the sleeves off a cheap sweater and stenciling “AUBURN” across the chest.

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